On January 7th, I posted a blog that South Korea may have (or may be about to have) nuclear weapons. That blog also suggested that the failure of the USA to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program would lead to many other nations developing and deploying nuclear weapons as well. Besides mentioning Japan and Taiwan as likely candidates for new nukes, my blog stated: “nations such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. will all have a need to develop their own nuclear weaponry as soon as possible.” As if on cue, reports are now indicating that Saudi Arabia either has or will soon have nuclear weapons. I want to thank an anonymous reader for tipping me off to this story so I could share it with all of you.

The first link reports that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have a secret agreement where Pakistan, a nuclear power, will share its nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia. The link cites Saudi fears that the Shiite Iranians will have nukes soon, so Sunni Saudi Arabia has no choice but to obtain them too. Saudi Arabia has denied these reports, but that is to be expected even if the reports are true. No one wants to admit or confirm details about their nuclear programs. In a truly disturbing sidebar in this story, it is also reported that a Pakistani transport plane was seen loading North Korean missiles at a North Korean airport last year. This raises serious questions about who is really allied with who in modern geopolitics. Many of my blogs have indicated that Pakistan is likely to be part of The Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38, and the now-revealed Pakistani-North Korean cooperation on missile shipments supports that viewpoint.

The second link adds that an Egyptian source revealed that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons project was partially financed by Saudi Arabia and that these nations have already been sharing nuclear technology for some time. Ominously, this Egyptian official is quoted as saying: “The Saudis are confident they have a nuclear option via Pakistan…the Pakistani nukes are also Saudi nukes.” [Let that sink into your awareness for a moment.]  If Saudi Arabia helped finance the Pakistani nukes, there is no question that the Saudis would expect some “quid pro quo” for this financing. The logical conclusion would be that the Saudis either already have clandestine nukes in their arsenal or that they have claims on a certain percentage of Pakistani nukes whenever the Saudis demand shipment of them to Saudi Arabia.

The third link adds that a Saudi review includes obtaining nuclear weapons, and it cites Saudi Arabia’s “estrangement from Washington” while mentioning that as long ago as 1988, the Saudis acquired Chinese missiles that could reach any part of the Mideast with nuclear weapons. The fourth link reports that Saudi Arabia is also purchasing new nuclear-capable missiles from Pakistan. If the Saudis have claims on a certain number of Pakistani nukes, it would make perfect sense for them to purchase Pakistani missiles which are specifically designed to carry Pakistani nukes.

The world is becoming a more dangerous place, and the reports that Saudi Arabia either has nukes already or could have them whenever they exercise their “option” on a portion of Pakistani nukes greatly complicates the entire geopolitics of not only just the Mideast, but also the entire world.  If the Saudis have nukes, it has to radically change the strategic thinking of the Israelis. Saudi Arabia was likely thinking of Israel as a target when it first financed a portion of the nukes, but as Iran has become more bellicose, the Saudi nukes are increasingly needed to counter the threat to Saudi Arabia posed by Iran. Indications that many nations will quickly obtain nuclear weapons if the Iranians get them puts terrible pressure on the Obama administration. If it decides not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, then global nuclear non-proliferation efforts are dead. If it does attack Iran, a wider war than Obama wants is almost certain. He is between the proverbial “rock and a hard place.” This is a very important development, but, as usual, American citizens are not being told this by their government or the establishment media. I leave it to readers to ponder “why” Americans are not being told about such vital developments around the world. Reading the four links below will give you a good grasp of the extent of the Saudi nuclear efforts.

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