February 14, 2009
Steve Collins

The FOX News link below discusses the reported accidental collision between a “derelict Russian military satellite” and a “working” US communications satellite. Let’s consider the possibility that this was not an “accidental” collision, but rather an action on Russia’s part to “send a message” to a weakened USA.

Consider the following. The link notes that “the US military tracks 17,000 pieces of space debris larger than 2 to 4 inches” (emphasis added). Both the Russian and US satellites which collided in what is termed a “catastrophic event” weighed over a half-ton each! Given that both were very large pieces of orbiting space metal, the military surely was tracking the orbital paths of these satellites. The collision was a surprise, so it argues that the predicted orbital path of the “derelict Russian military satellite” was different than the path it actually took when it hit the US satellite. Perhaps the Russian satellite was not so “derelict” after all. Since it was a Russian military satellite, its original stated purpose years ago may have been a “cover” story to conceal its real role as a stealthy “killer” satellite. Russian controllers may have activated it to show US decision-makers that Russia also can kill off US satellites. China “sent a message” to the USA not long ago when it killed a defunct Chinese satellite to demonstrate to the USA (and the world) that the Chinese can kill American  satellites. Vladimir Putin’s anger at American actions  in recent years is well-documented and has been well-reported.  Perhaps Russia has also just “sent a message” that it can also kill off US satellites when it decides to do so.

Since this “derelict” Russian military satellite unexpectedly wiped out an important US communications satellite, it raises the possibility that other “derelict” Russian military satellites are also orbiting the earth waiting for signals from Russian ground controllers to “wake them up” just long enough to vector them into a collision path with US or western satellites (especially if those western satellites are in geosynchronous orbits over Russia or passing over Russia on intelligence-gathering missions).

The US has long been known to be overly-reliant on electronic information gathering capacities. Russia and China are both now able “blind” a lot of US and western satellites when and if they choose to do so in the future. Ezekiel 38 warns that such a time is coming.