A number of readers have sent me links about President Obama’s signing of an Executive Order (see first link below) which gives Interpol immunity from oversight or limitation by U.S. federal agencies. All but one of the readers’ links sent to me include or advocate a common theme: that Obama’s Executive Order signals the creation of a new global secret police which can operate freely within U.S. borders without limitation or control. If this is true, it indicates that the arrival of the beast power is rapidly nearing as this kind of tyrannical global power is consistent with Revelation 13:1-7’s prophecy that the beast will eventually reign over “all kindreds, tongues and nations” and persecute believers who follow God and his laws (verse 7). 

However, one link sent to me has a different perspective, which I find very intriguing. I’ll share it with you later in this blog. First let’s examine the “arrival of a global secret police” scenario.

The second link describes the possible effects of this Executive Order and it includes viewpoints that represent an alarmist perspective and those which don’t think this action is all that big of a deal. There is no question that Obama’s Executive Order was done with no fanfare or establishment media coverage. That speaks volumes all by itself. In the modern era, it seems that the importance of a story and the amount of coverage it receives in the mass media are inversely proportional. For example, if the story has no real impact on people’s lives but has celebrity appeal (like investigations into how many mistresses Tiger Woods really had), the media will give it wall-to-wall coverage. If it has huge implications for the American people (like Obama’s Executive Order), it will be ignored by the establishment media.  The third link includes discussions of the ways in which Executive Orders such as this specific one re: Interpol (and other globalist treaties and entities) undermine and erode the citizen protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Far more sinister viewpoints about Obama’s Executive Order are readily available on the internet. You can do a websearch on this subject and read them if you wish.

It is my understanding that Executive Orders were “invented” by U.S. Presidents as a way to impose certain policies on federal employees within the Executive Branch. Executive Orders have no standing whatsoever in the U.S. Constitution, and I don’t think they have any binding effect on the Legislative or Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. They also have no effect on the governments of the 50 states, local counties, municipalities, etc. However, I’m no lawyer so that is just my understanding. Personally, I’m not going to live in fear that Interpol is now a global “Gestapo” that will roust Americans out of bed in the night and rush them off to concentration camps. However, there is a possibility that such a thing could happen in the future.

At the beginning, I promised an alternative view to the meaning behind Obama’s Executive order (see last link below). It is an analysis by a Dr. Stephen Jones entitled “The Kings of the East have arrived,” and I thank the reader who sent me this link. Dr. Jones makes the intriguing case that Obama “was forced to sign” this Interpol Executive Order. He writes that “thousands of Interpol agents…have descended upon Washington, DC [to] conduct an indepth audit of the Federal Reserve Board and other criminal organizations,” that “Interpol is now in the process of auditing and foreclosing upon Babylon,” and that “arrests have already been made.” I do not know where Dr. Jones gets his information, but his assertions do have a possible biblical connection.

Dr. Jones argues that China (and, I would assume, all of America’s creditors) has demanded that Interpol agents be given freedom on American soil to investigate the corruptions and possible criminality on Wall Street, in the Federal Reserve Board, etc. He calls Wall Street and the Fed modern “Babylon,” a term I’d heartily concur with as readers of this blog know. I refer specifically to the global mega-companies of Wall Street and their political bed-fellows within national governments as “Babylon the Great” (Revelation 18:1-3). I’ve done previous blogs on media articles about the incestuous influence of Goldman Sachs in placing its executives in key positions of the U.S. Government so they can, presumably, make sure government actions benefit Goldman Sachs and Wall Street while sacrificing the interests of the nation and its taxpayers. If what Dr. Jones asserts is true, then the Interpol agents may actually be here to help foreign governments and entities investigate, arrest and imprison the private executives and top bankers on Wall Street and even their complicit allies within U.S. government agencies. If his take on the matter proves true, Obama’s Executive Order will prevent the complicit allies of  “Babylon the Great” within U.S. law enforcement agencies from stopping international efforts to take down Babylon the Great’s choke-hold on global banking, commerce, etc.

Foreign governments have much to be angry about at the reckless and greedy actions of “Wall Street” and the lax regulatory stance of U.S. federal agencies which turned a blind eye as Babylon the Great almost destroyed the world financial system in September, 2008 with their reckless financial instruments which were leveraged like a house of cards. Dr. Jones cites China’s legitimate grievances vs. the USA as a stiffed creditor. No doubt other nations share China’s rage. Germany’s Prime Minister Merkel openly criticized the recklessness of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, other nations realize that Goldman Sachs has developed market rigging software which was being smuggled out of the USA for analysis by German and Russian investigators when federal agents stopped the man with the evidence at a U.S. airport (in other words, the U.S. federal agents acted to protect Goldman Sachs and Babylon the Great). After very brief mentions of this Goldman Sachs’ software in the media, the story was quickly spiked, but the report got out that Russia and Germany did receive parts of the Goldman Sachs software. China, Russia, Persian Gulf nations, Germany (even the IMF and UN if I recall correctly) have called for a new global currency to replace the debauched U.S. dollar on world markets. I’ve done a number of previous blogs on these topics. Hong Kong (a special status region of China) discovered that many large gold bars (of the kind nations and banks use to settle international accounts) were actually tungsten bars covered with a veneer of gold plating to make them look like gold bars. I did a blog on that topic as well and cited media sources which argues the origin of the numerous phony gold bars was traceable to the USA and perhaps U.S. officialdom.

The nations have much about which to be angry at the consortium of Wall Street multinationals, the mega-banks, the Fed, the SEC (that facilitated Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme by refusing to act on obvious evidence), etc. These entities are called, collectively, Babylon the Great, in Revelation 17-18. Those chapters of Revelation prophesy that “seven heads and ten horns” will destroy Babylon the Great in the latter days just prior to the advent of the beast system on earth. It will be a very hard fall. Revelation 17:16 says these “seven heads and ten horns” will make Babylon the Great desolate and will “eat her flesh” and “burn her with fire.” That sounds like a very hard fall, indeed. Who are the seven heads and ten horns? They have to be nations which have been “ridden” by Babylon the Great’s system a long time (Revelation 17:3). That would focus mostly on nations in Europe, those settled from Europe and their global allies. One possible fulfillment is the seven heads could be the G-7 nations and the “ten horns” are the nations of the ten tribes of Israel. The “seven heads” also have a mysterious eighth entity attached to them (Revelation 17:11), and the G-7 was expanded to become the G-8 in recent years when Russia was added. However, we’ll have to wait and see for a specific future fulfillment.

President Obama may be getting an earful of information from foreign heads-of-state in his travels about the anger of other nations at the corruption of Babylon the Great’s member corporations and their government allies. Could Obama be sensing that he has been “used” by Bernanke, Geithner, etc. to take actions that help only Babylon the Great and which set up Obama to be the scapegoat for the inevitable traumas that will come in the future? If Dr. Jones’ analysis is right, Obama’s Executive Order may be aimed at the barons of Wall Street, the Fed, etc., and not at John Q. Public.

I do need to note an error in Dr. Jones’ analysis. He writes “scripture says that Babylon falls to “the kings of the east.'” That is not actually correct. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that Babylon falls to “the seven heads and ten horns.” The “kings of the east” will be a massive army out of the East (Asia) which attacks the forces of the beast at the very end of this age. I see Revelation 16:12’s mention of the great invasion of the kings of the east as being the invasion of the Gog-Magog forces prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to attack the nations and allies of modern “Israel”  (the USA, UK, NATO, etc.). Revelation 16:12 mentions the invasion of the kings of the east coming westward across the Euphrates River. That means they are coming from Iran, one of the allies in the Gog-Magog alliance (see “Persia” in Ezekiel 38:5), and this invasion force is heading for the Israelis/Jews. Zechariah 14 describes what will happen when they arrive there. Ezekiel 38 describes a different theater of this same climactic World War III. Zechariah describes their attack vs. modern Judah (the Israelis) from the east, but Ezekiel 38 describes their attack vs. the ten tribes of “Israel” from the north.

Perhaps we need to relax. Those Interpol agents may not be coming for Joe Sixpack and his fellow rednecks who are clinging to their AR-15s and Bibles. They may be coming for the executives at the Federal Reserve Board, Goldman Sachs, complicit government “regulators,” etc. We’ll see where this leads. Very interesting times lie ahead of us. I’m sure much is happening behind the scenes that the masses do not see.