The first link (below) has a shocking new revelation to give to the world community. The article extensively details the long (and secret) work of a team of college students under the direction of a former top-level Pentagon Intelligence Official. Their goal? To determine how many nuclear weapons China might actually have. As the article notes, the world has assumed that China has “80-400 [nuclear] warheads,” and that “China has encouraged that [minimalist] perception.” The new report opines that the Chinese may actually have as many as 3,000 nuclear warheads already, and that they are hidden in a very extensive network of underground tunnels.

Two things argue that the minimalist number for the size of China’s nuclear arsenal cannot possibly be correct. The first is that China has been on a major, all-out military expansion for many years. China has built a massive number of new conventional warships, airplanes, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, etc. Does anyone seriously think that in a nuclear-armed world, China simply forgot to build a sizeable nuclear arsenal as well? Nonsense! China has the motive and means to build a lot of nuclear weapons, and its efforts to build a huge conventional arsenal argue that it is building a huge nuclear arsenal as well. The second reason is the deep secrecy of the Chinese about their nuclear arsenal. The Chinese Second Artillery Corps, charged with protecting and deploying China’s nukes, is extremely secretive, and most of their work is hidden in underground facilities. China’s military doctrine is shaped by Sun Tzu’s famous work, The Art of War. I recall that one of its main principles is “When you are strong, feign weakness.” China has been doing this for a long time. China has a strategic interest in making sure the world grossly underestimates the size of its nuclear arsenal.

The team that estimated China could have as many as 3000 nukes pulled off some incredible intelligence coups. One was they used classic spy techniques to filch from inside China “a 400-page manual produced by the Second Artillery and usually available only to China’s military personnel.” This was a treasure trove of intelligence information about China’s nulcear programs. One wonders if, given the top Pentagon connections of the team leader, if this was a CIA- or Pentagon-funded operation outside traditional channels to keep the effort secret.

This report has huge ramifications. The SALT talks between Russia and the USA have never included China’s nuclear weapons in the calculations of “parity” between the two nuclear superpowers. If China’s nuclear arsenal is anywhere near as large as the study indicates, then the USA has been royally duped into a situation where the combined nuclear arsenals of Russia and China (strategic allies to each other) are already much larger than the US arsenal and the SALT treaty provisions are inimical to US national security.

You can be sure this report is being studied carefully by intelligence and military officials around the world. The second link is a story from India’s media about this study. India has many reasons to be concerned (“alarmed” may be a better word) about this report as it would indicate that China’s military advantage over India is far greater than anyone previously realized.

The third link concerns the extremely bellicose statement of a Chinese Major General that “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war.” His warlike threats are not the views of an isolated senior officer. The final link, from the Washington Times, cites the equally-warlike views of two top Chinese military strategists on a site “sponsored by the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily.” These Chinese war-planners said that China “must strike back (against US-led “conspirators”) with force and various sophisticated means and that the only question is when.” The USA, India and Japan were specifically named as nations targeted by this threat. It was most revealing that these war-planners stated that “China should further increase the United States’ and Japan’s economic dependence on China to make the conspirators more circumspect when trying to do harm to China.” You can be sure that this statement was not meant for English-speakers to read as it is “smoking gun” evidence that China’s policies of buying US T-bonds, attracting US factories to Chinese cities to deindustrialize (and thereby disarm) the USA, etc. are actually a war-preparation strategy to weaken the USA’s ability to fight a war against China.

Did you hear anything about this important news on the mainstream TV or cable-TV media? Most likely not. They don’t want to scare the American people with the truth as it might disrupt the Christmas shopping season. I would bet that even most of the intellectual drones inhabiting Congress don’t grasp the deep and growing danger posed to the nation (and them personally) by China’s militarism.

The report of a huge Chinese nuclear arsenal and the Chinese General’s warlike threats (thinly veiled as directed at the USA) bother, as the reports below note, the appeaser types who don’t want to believe such things could be true. The appeaser camp in the 1930s could not accept the reality that the Nazi military build-up meant a future war was inevitable. They denied reality and were proven wrong. The appeaser camp now doesn’t want to believe that the Chinese military build-up also means a future war is inevitable. They will also be proven wrong, as Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies. As long-time readers of this blog know, the biblical book of Ezekiel, written about 2500 years ago, prophesied that Russia, China and Iran would form a massive military alliance in the “latter days” of our age, and that they would launch a surprise attack against the western world just prior to the time of Divine intervention in world affairs. New readers of this website are urged to read my home-page article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III [PDF]. That biblical prophecy so precisely predicted today’s Eastern and Western military alliances that it can only have been inspired by a Creator God who has the power to bring his prophecies to pass over the millennia. That very ability is specifically cited by God in Isaiah 41:21-26 as proof that He is the Living Creator of the earth and mankind and that he controls the destinies of nations. Fulfilled biblical prophecies are such “rock-solid” proofs of God’s existence and his inspiration of the Bible that I’m reminded of the statement in Psalm 14:1 that “The fool has said in his heart that there is no God.”

Those who have read my books and articles on the ten tribes of Israel also realize that the target of the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) is not the little Jewish state in the Mideast (consistently called “Judah” in biblical prophecies), but rather the modern day nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel (who were prophesied in Hosea 1:10 to become a vast multitude in the future and who were prophesied in Genesis 49 to be among the major nations in the latter days). If you want to know who those nations are, please read the free articles and listen to the free audio messages available at this website. If you want in-depth information on this subject at an affordable price, you may order my E-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, at my homepage. If you read it, you will understand a major piece of the modern geopolitical puzzle that even world leaders do not know. The only one that might know some of this truth, in my opinion, is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. I doubt any other world leader knows it as God has hid it from them. That is necessary to make sure they do what God has prophesied they will do in the latter days. However, God is so powerful that his prophecies will be fulfilled whether they ever understand these widely-forgotten truths or not.

Many thanks to the reader who tipped me off to this story.