Again, concerning you article “Two Witnesses” you talk about the death of the Two Witnesses and the world rejoicing over their deaths. It’ll be the Islamic world that rejoices over their deaths.
Concerning the Beast and his empire. Do you believe the Beast will be a Roman and his empire will be a revised Roman Empire? Or, that the anti-Christ will be an Assyrian?
You don’t touch on this issue in your article.


Given that Revelation 11:4 prophecies the Two Witnesses’ ministry will include “the earth” and that verse 6 adds they will smite “the earth” with plagues as often as they wish, I think all nations on earth will rejoice over their death. I expect the beast to emerge from within the western alliance of nations, but I am not predicting any particular nationality for that person. God will reveal it in his timetable.  The same applies for the anti-Christ, but I doubt that he will be a modern Assyrian.