Just when I thought the British military was deteriorating into a third-rate power, a report like this emerges which indicates the famous British naval tradition may not be dead after all.
The British navy has just built what may be the most advanced submarine ever built by any nation. It is reported to be so sophisticated and capable that it (A) can “see” above the ocean’s surface without any periscope, (B) possesses such powerful sonar that while remaining in British waters, it can detect ships leaving US ports on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and (C) carries dozens of cruise missiles that can hit targets 1200 miles away. This new British submarine has a sister ship that is also being built. This new British sub is a nuclear-powered vessel that can stay at sea for 25 years without refueling and it is much smaller that a US attack sub so it is less detectable due to its reduced size.
These two links [1, 2] offer detailed descriptions of the capabilities of the new British sub and they feature many photos of the submarine’s exterior size and interior compartments. I’m actually surprised so many photos of its interior compartments were released. I would have thought that the British government would not have released such photos for security reasons. I think all readers will find the articles most interesting.
I’ll offer a few additional observations. If this British sub, appropriately called the HMS Ambush, represents such a technological leap in sonar and other capabilities, it can apparently detect and identify all ships in any ocean that it is patrolling. This feature alone could render all Russian and Chinese submarines obsolete. If the Brits share their technological advances with the Americans, Israelis, etc., it would give the West’s submarine fleet huge advantages over the submarine fleets of the Gog-Magog nations of Russia, China, Iran, etc. I also hope that the British remembered to make sure that all the systems within the HMS Ambush are “hardened” to withstand any EMP weapon. Without that feature this new sub could be useless itself if EMP weapons are used in a future war. It also brings up a point that I’ve never seen discussed. Do the effects of an above-ground EMP weapon blast have any effect on submarines traveling under the ocean’s surface?
Given that the Ezekiel 38 prophecy about the nations in the latter-day Gog-Magog alliance and the nations in the Western alliance led by the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel has proven to be so accurate, it is evident that each alliance is watching carefully the military capabilities of the other alliance. The Ezekiel 38 prophecy reveals the Gog-Magog alliance will launch a global surprise attack in the future against the western allies, so any weapon system that gives the West a big advantage tends to work to delay the future of this prophesied Gog-Magog attack. For this reason I follow closely the military developments in the world, and I hope the readers of this blog find these posts interesting for the same reason.
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My thanks to a reader for tipping me off to this largely-unreported story about the new British submarine.