An Israeli intelligence website,, has reported that the Israeli and American militaries conducted very large “secret” military exercises recently, which could indicate that a major war with Iran is expected soon in the Middle East.

The maneuvers included the USS Harry S. Truman battle group practicing interceptions of Iranian cruise missiles while stationed just of the coast of Israel last month. Just after this war exercise, the Truman’s task force headed for Iranian waters. A previous blog reported the passage of the Truman’s task force through Egypt’s Suez Canal en route to the Persian Gulf, accompanied by an Israeli warship. The new link below reports that a German warship also was sailing with the American and Israeli warships.

The Truman’s warplanes engaged in intensive practice bombing missions against simulated land targets in Israel’s Negev desert region. Israeli and American warplanes conducted joint air combat exercises and also practiced long-range missions over Mediterranean waters. These are appropriate types of exercises to conduct as a prelude to a war that would include carrier-based warplanes attacking land targets in Iran.

The link also reports that President Obama ordered US missile forces “in the Mideast to go on war alert in the second week of June, and cites Sec. Gates’ warning to the US Congress that Iran could fire “scores or hundreds” of missiles at European targets if a war breaks out.

This is starting to look more serious folks.