Steven Collins
December 10, 2007
It never ceases to amaze me how evolutionists can stare straight at evidence which proclaims the reality of a Creator, but still deny his reality. The latest example of this is found in a Chicago Tribune story (see link below) which indicates that scientists have discovered that migratory birds may be able to migrate successfully due to their ability to see the “invisible” magnetic lines encircling the globe. If it proves to be true (and it makes sense to me!), this innate ability in tiny migratory birds can only be the result of the work of a Divine Creator who “downloaded” the necessary “hardware and software” into their brains.
The article notes that the migratory patterns of birds “…until recently, seemed like an inexplicable miracle.” Indeed! Migratory birds have an instinct which enables them to migrate to far-distant locations which are suitable for nesting, feeding, etc.Now, evidence exists which indicates that birds can actually “see magnetic fields” or “sense magnetic lines of force,” and that this ability is what guides bird migrations.
Daniel 12:4 prophesied that “at the time of the end…knowledge shall be increased.” This refers to the “end” of this age of mankind, not the “end” of the world itself. Mankind learned relatively recently that “the earth is encased in a vast magnetic field, made of invisible lines of force that wrap around the planet…”  It was then discovered in 1998 that birds (and many other animals) have “…a protein called a cryptochrome…[which] reacts to light in a way which depends on the orientation of the surrounding magnetic field.”  A University of Illinois physicist, Klaus Schulten, is cited in the article as observing: “…animals have many types of senses that we just don’t share.” I recall that it was not that many years ago that scientists learned that elephants can communicate over very great distances via the use of ultra-low frequencies that humans don’t hear or sense. All these “extra-sensory” capacities in animals, birds, etc. confirm the reality of a Creator who is so powerful and wise that he can not only create these abilities in animal species, but he also empowers their brains to process and apply these abilities to their own survival needs.
What mankind in discovering, in a series of scientific insights, is the actual mechanisms via which a Creator God designed and sustains this physical Universe we inhabit. Rather than give God the glory and seek to learn the purpose of why he gave us life, modern mankind vainly asserts that, no matter how specialized, complex and interdependent life is on earth, it all “evolved” by accident. This was also prophesied. Paul, in Romans 1:18-32, pronounced a scathing condemnation on those who “hold back the truth in unrighteousness.” He adds that God’s eternal power is “…clearly seen, being understood by the things which are made.” Paul prophesied that mankind would, however, “…would worship and serve the creature [what is made] rather than the Creator.”
We should rather look at the ingenious means with which God has made the earth and all species and glorify him for his creative skill and power! However, I doubt the evolutionists will come suddenly to this obvious conclusion. They will continue to assert their nameless “god” called “natural selection” created everything…by accident and luck. However, no ancient “proto-birds” would have initially known about any magnetic lines of force, and they had no way of “knowing” that they could survive by migrating hundreds or thousands of miles to some other location on earth which would provide them with suitable sites for nesting, eating, etc. Either the very first birds knew how to migrate “from the beginning” of their existence or they did not. If they did not know how to migrate to escape winter seasons, they would have helplessly died in the very first winter. The fact that they migrate today via a miraculous methodology affirms that their ancient ancestors knew how to do so from the very first year of their existence. There was a Creator who knew where suitable nesting habitat was for each species’ survival needs, and he equipped their brains to have an ability to fly to the locations he programmed into their brains.  The book of Genesis looks more scientific all the time!,0,1076386,full.story?coll=chi_mezz