Hello Steven,

Pray you are well. Your current listing on the chinese debt has long tails. The chinese are the force behind Chairman Barrack and company to dissarm this country. The chinese can’t allow this people to resist their physical seisure of our land, assets, upon foreclosure. This will quickly degenerate into civil war and the chinese will be the target. We must be neutralised before they envade, that is their goal, your thoughts please.

thanks Doug.



You are no doubt right that the Chinese would prefer to have everyone in America disarmed by the US government before the Gog-Magog invasion occurs. That would make it easier for the Russians, Chinese and their allies. The key question is “Will God allow Americans to be disarmed? There is a recent event and a part of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy which infers that the answer is “no.”
The recent event is the 5-4 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court which ruled that the Constitutional right to own and bear arms is not dependent on the “militia” clause of the 2nd Amendment but is an individual right given to Americans. This was the most important ruling on the 2nd Amendment ever issued by the US Supreme Court, in my view. The timing of this ruling (shortly before Barrack Obama took office) is interesting as God allowed this ruling to be put into place just prior to the Obama Administration taking office. This ruling substantially “ties the hands” of the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress concerning gun control issues. If this decisive ruling had not been put in place, the Obama administration would have a much easier time of imposing gun control regulations and abandoning the 2nd Amendment altogether.  The affirmation of the 2nd Amendment by the US Supreme Court also strengthens all the other rights guaranteed in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
The prophetic hint that the 2nd Amendment will remain in place is in Ezekiel 38:21 (it is amazing how much information is in Ezekiel 38’s prophecy). However, let me first to set the stage for Ezekiel 38:21 with a digression on verse 20 to put verse 21 in context. Ezekiel 38:20 is the pivotal point in this prophecy where God Divinely intervenes in the latter-day world war prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. This verse quotes God as saying that the entire world “shall shake at my presence” (emphasis added) as mountains, steep places and walls tumble down. Believers understand this Divine intervention to be the return of Jesus Christ, and it prophesies a global earthquake will happen at that time. A global earthquake is a part of other end-time biblical prophecies. Isaiah 2:12-21 contains a prophecy about the “day of the Lord” when God will “shake terribly the earth.” This language is repeated in both verses 19 and 21 so God was being very emphatic about this event taking place. Verses 14-15 prophesy that high mountains, hills, “high towers” and fenced walls will tumble down. This is very consistent with Ezekiel 38:20. It may be that Isaiah 20:14’s prophecy that “high towers” will be brought down at the end of our age predicted the age of mankind’s skyscrapers. These “high towers” will tumble down all over the planet when God’s presence openly comes to the earth and an earthquake occurs which is beyond mankind’s imagination. It will be so massive no Richter scale can measure it! It seems reasonable to believe that all the globe’s tectonic plates will move at once when God returns and he reshapes the earth into the positions he chooses for the Millennial/Messianic Age. Zechariah 14 is a parallel prophecy to Ezekiel 38:20 and Isaiah 20:12-21. Zechariah 14 is a prophecy about the Jerusalem portion of the age-ending world war at the time the Messiah/Lord comes and sets his feet on the mount of Olives in Jerusalem and brings the resurrected saints with him (verse 5). I’ve stood on the Mt. of Olives and it is an awesome experience to realize this is the exact spot on earth that our Lord will “land” when he personally intervenes in world affairs! Verse 4-5 prophesy a great earthquake will occur as the Lord returns (note the perfect symmetry with Ezekiel 38:20). This earthquake will rearrange the topography of Jerusalem in a massive earthquake. Jerusalem sits astride a long fault that extends southward into Africa so this tectonic junction will very likely move violently all along its length.
The New Testament agrees. Revelation 16:18-19 prophesies the greatest earthquake in human history will strike the earth during the “battle of the Great Day of God Almighty.” This is the battle of Armageddon (verse 16), when God’s wrath is poured out (verse 19). Notice another parallel to Ezekiel 38-39. After the battle of Armageddon, a great heavenly voice declares: “It is done” (Rev. 16:17). This perfectly parallels Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy. After God’s Divine intervention in world affairs and the historic earthquake in Ezekiel 38:20, the global warfare that follows concludes with the same Divine words (“It is done”) in Ezekiel 39:8.
The above is a lengthy digression, but I wanted to show how clearly that Ezekiel 38:20 pinpoints the very end of this age when the Lord returns. Ezekiel 38:21 prophesies that when God intervenes, he will “call for a sword against him [Gog and his invading armies] throughout all my mountains.” In prophecy “mountains” can also indicate nations, and the “mountains” in verse 21 do not fall down but are expected to respond to God’s call to use their weaponry against Gog’s armies. This confirms that the “mountains” in Ezekiel 38:21 means the Israelite nations being invaded. I think it is significant that verse 21 shows God will call on “his mountains/nations” to use their swords (weapons) against the invaders. If the invaded Israelite nations were all disarmed, they would have no weaponry to use against the invaders! This infers that the 2nd Amendment gun rights will still be in effect till the very end of this age. Ezekiel 38:21 especially applies to the USA as the USA is the invaded “melting pot” nation referred to in Ezekiel 38:8 and the invaded land from “sea to shining sea” (i.e. from a western sea to an eastern sea) in a parallel prophecy in Joel 2:20 [for a complete discussion of the USA in biblical prophecy, see my research report on this subject by clicking on the link at this website’s homepage]. The USA is the modern nation of the Israelite tribes which is known as the melting pot nation and the land “from sea to shining sea.” It is this land which is “ground zero” for the Gog-Magog invasion and the USA’s citizenry is armed to the teeth as no nation in history has ever been. There is no nation on earth whose citizens are more able to respond to God’s call to use their readily-available weapons. Ironically, the election of Obama to the US presidency has reportedly caused even more millions of guns to be purchased by US citizens.
I apologize for my lengthy answer, but a detailed discussion was needed to place Ezekiel 38:21 (which I think responds to your question) squarely in the latter-day context of the Gog-Magog invasion of the USA and the other latter day nations of the ten tribes of Israel. God is also responsive to the prayers of his people. He is “easy to be entreated” (James 3:17). See also John 15:16. If you would like to have your gun rights preserved until the end of this age, pray that God will guarantee them! After all, God gave us our Constitution which gives Americans the right to own and bear arms (maybe he had Ezekiel 38:21 in mind when he did so).
Steve Collins