July 20, 2019, is the 50th anniversary of the famous moon landing when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission. It looked like a flawless success as seen through the television/media programs of that day. It was an awesome triumph of mankind’s emerging technology at the time, and it made the USA the winner of the Cold War space race to get to the moon first. However, it is only now being revealed just how close that mission was to failure or disaster. I believe readers will find it to be a riveting story when they learn just how close the mission was, to being aborted and why some on the inside of the mission felt a disaster was imminent at one point. When we remember that the Apollo missions were flown without digital technology and with technology we now see as primitive (slide-rules, vacuum-tubes, etc.), it becomes apparent just how intrepid and brave those early astronauts really were.
There is also a segment of society that believes all the Apollo moon landings were faked–that they were done out in a secret place in the desert to fool the public. I’ll address that belief later in this post, but I’ll state here that I firmly believe the moon landings really did take place. When you see and consider the evidence presented in this post, I think you will come to that conclusion as well. Now for the untold story of the Apollo moon landings.
There were no calculating machines during the 1960s that we would call “computers” in the modern sense of the world. Calculating machines then called “computers” were huge boxes of metal that could fill a room. By the time the Apollo 11 mission launched, a 70 pound embryonic parallel processor had been invented and it was with the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission. How it was build and what it could do is detailed in the first link. That link mentions the early “computers” used a language called FORTRAN, which was a forerunner of many modern computer languages. The link describes the terrifying moments when the Lunar Lander was headed toward the moon and the on-board computer repeatedly crashed. The computer crashes led some insiders to believe the landing had to be aborted because the lives of Armstrong and Aldrin were seriously at risk. There were legitimate fears in NASA control rooms that the moon lander could crash or be damaged in such a way that Armstrong and Aldrin would be stranded on the moon and die there. Michael Collins, the pilot of the command module that circled the moon during the mission, was preparing himself to return to the earth alone. While we earthlings were watching riveting TV coverage of the moon walks, NASA engineers and high-tech contractors were desperately trying to figure out what had gone wrong with the on-board computer and how they could fix it so Armstrong and Aldrin could successfully make it back to the Command Module and return to earth. They just barely discovered the problem and fixed it before Armstrong and Aldrin had to lift off from the moon. The first link details the entire managed chaos that happened in 1969 far from any cameras or media attention, and I think you will find it most revealing! Some of the heroes of that moon mission were on earth in NASA or working with NASA to make the mission successful in spite of harrowing problems. The traumas during the Apollo 11 mission were sufficiently great that President Nixon had a speech written to give to the nation if the mission failed and the astronauts died in space (second link).
[Allow me a personal digression that takes me back to 1968, the year before the Apollo mission. When I was in high school in 1968, I was a National Merit Scholar and I and another classmate, a National Merit Scholar semi-finalist, were invited to participate in an introductory college course at the University of South Dakota in Vermilion, SD. It was geared to promoting interest in computer careers for those still in high school. We were driven to the USD campus for the classes by our math teacher, and the sight of the computer was daunting. It literally filled an entire room, and it was noisy when in operation. At that time, each program run by the computer had to be inputted into the computer via properly-punched Hollerith Cards, which were prone to “hanging chads.” A program could take many hundreds of such cards and each card had to be programmed and punched perfectly or the intended program wouldn’t run correctly. I still recall punching out all the cards on a special key-punch machine and then putting them in a vertical stack in the “input” part of the computer. The language we had to learn was FORTRAN IV-D and the mention of FORTRAN in the first link caused me to recall the college computer class I took while still in high school. By the end of the course I was successfully able to write, punch and run programs on the USD computer in that computer language. Those who know me today realize that I am somewhat of a technophobe in the modern digital age, but decades ago, I actually was able to function as a primitive computer programmer in 1968]. Now, back to the post.
For many years, there has been a segment of the population that does not believe that the Apollo missions actually reached the moon. I will offer some of the reasons why I believe the mission did occur and that the USA had a series of Apollo missions with our astronauts walking (and driving a lunar rover) on the moon. I’ll offer three reasons that I find compelling in support of that belief. The film footage we saw of astronauts walking and moving around on the moon’s surface show them moving in a kind of slow-motion hop and leap as they went about their activities. In the many 50th Anniversary programs about the Apollo missions that have aired on TV recently, you can see one of the astronauts hopping up and down in front of a US flag planted on the moon’s surface. The motions they underwent are entirely consistent with a low-gravity environment. I think one program said the moon had 1/6th the gravity of the earth. On earth, it is doubtful if the astronauts, in their heavy “moon-suits” could have leaped upward or hopped off the surface at all. They also return to the surface after their leaps slower than would be the case on earth. Their movements all look to be conducted in a low-gravity environment exactly like what we would expect to see on the moon.
The second reason I believe the moon missions occurred is that you can actually see on the moon’s surface the remnants of the Apollo missions that were left behind on the moon’s surface (the landing modules, the lunar rover, equipment boxes, footprints, etc.). The third link and fourth link offer some very clear photographs of this left-behind equipment and other evidence of the lunar missions. In a web-search, you can find links that assert telescopes on earth cannot see this evidence. That may well be correct because telescopes on earth have to look through the earth’s atmosphere where water vapor and clouds obscure what is a very long-range view. The photographs offered in the third and fourth links were taken from a satellite that was orbiting the moon at a much closer distance and without any atmospheric interference, so the photos are quite crisp.
My third reason for believing our Apollo astronauts really did walk on the moon is a compelling argument from silence. The moon missions took place during the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union. The competition to be first in space or first on the moon was very intense and the rivalry drove each side to outdo the other. The Russians were initially ahead of the USA. Russia put the first satellite into orbit, the first humans in orbit were Russian cosmonauts, etc. The USA was playing “catch-up” when President Kennedy challenged the USA to put a man on the moon. As each side’s orbital missions occurred and grew longer and more sophisticated (such as including space walks), each side watched the other’s missions “like a hawk” to see what they could learn about the other side’s capabilities and intentions. During each space mission of any kind, the Soviet Union would closely monitor US flights and vice versa. When each Apollo mission was launched, conducted and retrieved at splash-down, you can be sure Russian radars and tracking devices monitored the location of every Apollo mission in real-time. We did the same with the Russian missions. If the Apollo missions launched into orbit around the earth did not leave earth orbit and travel to the moon as claimed, the Russians would have immediately proclaimed the evidence of a fraud to the world! The Russians would have gleefully exposed any such fraud in every media outlet in every nation on the planet. They would have presented their scientific evidence of any such US fraud to the UN in a full public session. The reason the Russians never proclaimed the missions to be frauds is that the Russians knew they were not frauds. Their tracking radars followed the Apollo missions all the way to the moon and watched them return as well. I hope these reasons are sufficient to convince readers that the Apollo missions to the moon really did happen.
There is another biblically-based reason to believe they happened. The Bible prophesies that there would be an immense advance in mankind’s technological capabilities in the latter days of our age. Daniel 12:4 prophesies that mankind’s knowledge will be “increased…at the time of the end.” This does not mean a simple arithmetic increase. The Hebrew word translated “increased” in Daniel 12:4 is the same word used to describe how the waters in Noah’s time “increased” (Genesis 7:17) and flooded the entire earth when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights…constantly…all over the planet.  God did not create that immense volume of water “ex nihilo” (out of nothing). Genesis 1:6-9 reveal there was a layer of water called the “firmament” (or canopy) above the earth in pre-Flood times which God caused to fall down to the earth to flood it while Noah, his family and the saved animal species were on the Ark. There was an exponential increase in the waters on the earth during the flood of Noah’s time, so Daniel 12:4 foretells an exponential rise in mankind’s knowledge and technology at the end of our age. This rapid increase in mankind’s level of knowledge in our time has been called “Moore’s Law” that predicts technology will double and re-double continually at a rapid rate, as mentioned briefly in the first link. Daniel 12:4 predicted the reality of Moore’s Law coming into being. Jesus Christ also referred to this reality when he prophesied in Matthew 24:37 that the end-time of our age will recreate the pre-Flood world of Noah. In other words, the latter day society and the pre-Flood society that God destroyed would be mirror images of each other. Both were/will be high-tech societies. The dogma that mankind evolved from a primordial stew of amino acids is nonsense. Mankind began at the level of the Elohim God-Beings but in physical bodies (Genesis 1:26-28), and it has deteriorated since “the fall” in the Garden of Eden. The apocryphal book of Jasher states that mankind was mixing the species together in pre-Flood times (Jasher 4:18), which means that their world had to have electricity, DNA recombinant technology, microscopes, fully advanced labs, CRISPR technology, etc. It is my firm belief they also had a space program.
Not long after the Flood, mankind built a “tower of Babel” that has been misunderstood for millennia. It could not be appreciated for what it really was until mankind developed the technology to again have a space program and recognize its predecessor in Genesis 11:1-9. After the flood, mankind still had the pre-Flood language with all its blueprints, technical manuals, examples of technology and 1,200 years of pre-Flood personal experience in Noah’s family. The post-Flood society could rebuild the pre-Flood society because the Ark was a giant pre-Flood time capsule full of pre-Flood technology enabling them to accomplish their goal. The Hebrew words for “tower” and “top” in Genesis 11:4 describe a tall, erect structure whose top-most portion would be hurled into the heavens. In other words, they had their own space program well under way when God took draconian action to stop them from replicating the pre-Flood space program. Genesis 11:6 states God noticed what mankind was doing and he saw mankind had reached a technological tipping point of knowledge where ‘”nothing” they imagined to do would “be restrained from them.” God stopped the ability of all mankind to understand the pre-Flood language and he gave them a variety of new languages to stop their high-tech projects. All mankind had a new phonetic language, but no one had a new written language. In other words, God made all mankind illiterate and it would take millennia and centuries for mankind’s new nations to invent their own written linguistic systems.
Because the Bible’s narratives support the concept that pre-Flood mankind and the immediate post-Flood (but pre-Babel) civilization had space programs, it is not hard to believe that our current “latter-day” society would also have a successful space program as well. Since it is God’s will for latter-day mankind to redevelop the pre-Flood technologies, it is logical that God would allow mankind to again have a space program. Landing on the moon in 1969 was a successful baby-step to rebuilding what the pre-Flood society likely had in terms of space travel and exploration.
Mankind was able to land on the moon in 1969 with what we now regard as relatively primitive technologies. Mankind is now technologically “light years” ahead of where we were in 1969. I wonder if mankind has conducted secret space programs since 1969 of which the masses have not been made aware. It is entirely possible that at least some of the “UFOs” that are seen all over the world are actually examples of man-made secret programs. Unmanned craft guided by AI robotic “pilots” and with new propulsion systems could make the sharp high-G turns so often reported that would kill any human pilot. It is entirely possible that before the end of our age this new secret, series of craft, will be unveiled to mankind. Very interesting times lie ahead of us. For in-depth information evidence that we are living in a climactic biblically-prophesied time, please read my free article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? 
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