The bizarre story of the Russian mystery ship, the Arctic Sea, which went missing in the midst of heavily-trafficked European sea routes, refuses to die. Another suggestion for what really happened with this ship is put forth by This Time story (see link below) proposes that the Israelis intercepted the ship and seized Russian missiles which were secretly being shipped to Syria, Hezbollah or other enemies of the Israelis. The link below cites the opinion of a Russian radio station and an Estonian naval official as proposing this explanation.

Offering support to this report is the previously-unknown fact that the Russian mystery ship had been in Kaliningrad for two weeks before it picked up a load of Finnish timber to bring to Algeria (a location it never reached). Kaliningrad is a Russian enclave in north Europe sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, and it would be a likely place where this ship could have easily picked up Russian missiles as part of a secret cargo. Also supporting this story is the fact that Israeli President Shimon Peres flew to Moscow for talks a “day after the ship was rescued.” On the other hand, the Russian radio station reporting this story is owned by Gazprom, a large Russian energy company. It is hard for me to imagine this radio station reporting anything unless the Russian government pre-approved the story being broadcast. This allows for the possibility that this story is a “planted” story and that the Israelis had nothing to do with this episode.

The “official” stories and actions regarding this mystery ship’s cargo and voyage get murkier all the time. Clearly, this ship was involved in something far bigger than shipping a mere load of wood from Finland to North Africa. Another odd aspect of this story is that Russia sent two large military cargo airplanes to fly the ship’s crew and supposed hijackers back to Russia (with far more shipping capacity than was needed to fly only 19 people back to Russia). The military aircraft were apparently needed to transport some kind of heavy cargo back to Russia. Perhaps Israeli, British or American commandoes boarded the Arctic Sea and rendered useless any Russian missiles that were hidden inside the ship’s cargo hold. That would explain the need for two Russian heavy-lift transport aircraft to fly the disabled missiles back to Russia.

If the Israelis were planning to attack Iran soon and expected a Hezbollah rocket attack from Lebanon in retaliation, it would explain why the Israelis would not want heavy Russian missiles transferred to Syrian or Hezbollah hands before any strike against Iran occurred. We know Russia supplied Iran with its nuclear facilities. We know Russia has supplied much weaponry to Syria, and Iran has supplied much weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is very clear that Russia, the leading nation of the Gog-Magog alliance of Ezekiel 38:2-6, is no friend of either the West or the Israelis. You can read the latest link on this story below and decide for yourself what the truth was concerning this mystery ship with a Russian crew that stopped at Russian Kaliningrad before its mysterious voyage.,8599,1919342,00.html