Something extremely important happened not long ago, but you likely didn’t hear much (or anything) about it in the establishment US media. The EU Parliament not long ago voted to expel the USA from the critically important SWIFT electronic network which handles and clears international banking/financial transactions (first link, second link). The EU Parliament was furious at the USA for the widespread spying done by the NSA and other US intelligence agencies on European leaders and their citizens. The massive spying done by US intelligence agencies under President Obama was revealed, as readers know, by Edward Snowden. Snowden is still in Russian custody (protection?), and his trove of America’s spying data is surely still being examined very carefully by Russian security experts.

To give readers an idea of how extreme was the punishment for the USA approved by the EU Parliament, expulsion from the SWIFT network was used in 2012 to punish Iranian banks and entities to compel Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program (third link). This is a punishment generally considered only for rogue nations that the international community is seeking to punish for a desired end. In the case of the EU Parliament action, that body voted to punish the USA for its widespread spying on Europeans and pretty much everyone. However, the EU Parliament did not have the final word on the matter. The European Commission can trump votes by the EU Parliament (as I understand it), and it did not agree to implement the EU Parliament’s punishment of the USA (fourth link). One can be sure that the most urgent of entreaties (and/or threats) were given by President Obama and his administration behind the scenes to keep the Obama administration’s all-out spying policies from being lumped in with the Iranian nuclear program as a danger to the safety of the international community. If the EU Commission had agreed to implement the EU Parliament’s action, the consequences for the USA and its banking/financial system would have been most dire. Global commerce would have had a seizure, the US dollar would have likely tanked to an all-time low and the “too big to fail” banks might have failed. The US Federal Reserve Banking system could have been a casualty as well as nations would have had to scramble to settle international transactions of all kinds in currencies other than the US dollar if the USA was expelled from the global SWIFT system. You can do a web search and find more articles about the EU Parliament’s action if you wish.

However, the USA is not out of the woods yet re: its mass surveillance efforts. The leaders of Germany and France will be meeting to “build up a European communication network to avoid emails and other data passing through the United States (fifth link). The link makes it evident that Europe intends to develop an electronic system which is insulated from the efforts of the NSA and US spy agencies to penetrate it. Whatever Germany and France develop to protect themselves from US spy agencies will likely be adopted by the rest of Europe, and perhaps much of the world.

If a global crisis had occurred as a result of the USA being booted from SWIFT, it could easily have led to the collapse of the US dollar-based global economy, fulfilling the prophecies of Revelation 17-18 that a collapse of a global financial/currency/trade system would occur in the latter days of this age just prior to the advent of the new global “beast” system which will be allowed by God to govern the earth for a mere 42 months (Revelation 13:1-5) before it too is overthrown by the returning Jesus Christ at the head of an innumerable heavenly army¬† (Revelation 19:11-20:4).

Do you realize how close the world came to another meltdown of the global financial system? It almost melted down in 2008 when the real estate bust in the USA almost collapsed the entire US banking/lending system. If the EU Commission had agreed to implement the EU Parliament’s recommendation, the collapse could have occurred now and the USA would have been hit the hardest by its consequences. Did you happen to hear about this on your evening news broadcast?

This should remind us of how quickly something could happen to cause the global collapse prophesied in Revelation 17-18. You may not receive any advance warning from the media when that time comes. None of us knows when this prophecy will be fulfilled, but you should take reasonable precautions to be able to be take care of your family’s essential needs when this event occurs. I suggest you read my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?

I do not make any predictions about when Revelation 17-18 will be fulfilled, but we periodically learn about triggers which could have caused such a fulfillment of that prophecy. We do not know how many warnings God will give us before he pulls the plug on the current global system. Revelation 17-18 prophesies that “seven heads and ten horns” will overthrow the current global economic/monetary system. That may signify seven prominent nations and ten supporting nations or it may prove to mean something else. We likely will not know until the fulfillment occurs. Such international institutions as the IMF or the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) could also be among the seven heads and ten horns. It is worth noting that the EU was close to pulling down the US dollar-based system in its anger over Obama’s spying programs and the Eurozone consists of 17 nations. Seven heads and ten horns totals 17 entities of some kind that the Apostle John saw in his vision about the latter days recorded in the biblical book of Revelation. If Obama continues to anger the world’s nations, the EU Commission may not spare the USA and its dollar in the future.

The Obama administration’s spying scandal, which Edward Snowden revealed and which was the source of the EU Parliament’s vote to punish the USA, is still an on-going crisis. Who knows what Russia has found in all the top-secret documents that Snowden brought to Moscow from the NSA’s electronic vaults. Russia will be sure to leak the most damaging information about President Obama and his administration to all-important nations behind closed doors so the entire world will eventually be sufficiently angered to unite to take action against the USA, Wall Street, the Fed, etc.

Speaking of Russia, let’s let the Russians have the last word in this post. The final link is from the English-language version of the Russia Times. It gives Russia’s perspective on the vast scale of Obama’s spying policies and the USA’s launching into space of another wave of spy satellites. I think you will find the insignias of some of the USA’s spy agencies to be chilling, to say the least.