This post is a follow-up to my previous one about the very bad (in my view) Iranian nuclear deal that was negotiated by the USA and other western powers. My previous post indicated that the sell-out of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. by the USA in this deal could lead to these Mideast nations working more closely in an alliance vs. Iran in the future. The first link contains a hint that this may already be occurring behind the scenes. While diplomatic speech is always carefully parsed, the former Intelligence Chief of Saudi Arabia just issued a statement that infers that the aforementioned (and other) Mideast nations are already exploring the option of allied actions vs. Iran that will specifically ignore the wishes of the USA.

Prince Bandar, the ex-Saudi spy chief, issued a statement that included these words: “people in my region now are…consolidating their local capabilities and analysis with everybody else except our oldest and most powerful ally (emphasis added).” I see in these words a major shift in Saudi (and Mideast regional) thinking due to the sell-out by the USA of the Israelis and Sunnis in their Iranian deal. Let’s analyze the italicized portions of his statement. The first italicized phrase clearly designates the Mideast region, and the second one states that nations in the Mideast region are “consolidating their local capabilities” which surely includes their military capabilities as well as diplomatic and political capabilities. The third italicized phrase is of key importance: it indicates that “everybody else” in the region is part of the new Saudi “consolidation of local capabilities” except the USA. This direct exclusion of the USA from new Mideast regional thinking is most exceptional as is the fact that the words “everybody else” in the region semantically does include the Israelis. The Israelis are the obvious choice of a new strategic ally for Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Arab governments. The Israelis are under direct threat of annihilation by Iran so there is no chance whatsoever that Israel would ever betray the Saudis and other Sunni nations vis-à-vis Iran the way the USA just betrayed them. Since Iran’s path to nuclear weapons is now assured by the agreement Obama reached with Iran (although analysts disagree how far away that result is), the Sunni Arab nations need a nuclear power as a new ally very quickly now that the USA is obviously unreliable. Israel is the obvious choice.

The second link is on this same subject and is also worth your review. The British Foreign Minister just visited Israel to try and persuade Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to support the deal with Iran. What a hoot! The British Foreign Minister must have graduated from the Neville Chamberlain School of Diplomatic Surrender and Self-delusion to think any such thing was possible. Netanyahu must have given him a “piece of his mind” behind closed doors, based on this account. The two held a chilly public joint statement which featured Netanyahu correcting the British Foreign Minister about what is actually in the deal.

In summation, the Saudi ex-Spy Chief just indicated that relations between the Saudis and the USA may have hit such a new low that they can no longer be regarded as allies. The Israeli Prime Minister just chastened the British Foreign Minister about the deal which indicates that the Israelis feel so betrayed by the USA, the UK and the West that it is evident that they need new allies vs. Iran that can be trusted. Both Israel and the Saudi/Sunni Arab bloc need new allies that can be trusted to oppose Iran in any peacetime or wartime confrontation. Remember the old adage: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The wisdom of that adage is powerfully pushing the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations together at this time. Alas, by the time Obama leaves office, he may have succeeded in irrevocably alienating many key US allies. The next US president will have a huge mess to clean up.

One last thought: I do believe that the betrayal of the Saudis, Israelis and others by the USA in the Iranian deal will hasten the time when the US dollar loses its global reserve currency status. The Saudis have no more reason to support the US dollar any longer in the oil markets or currency markets and have every reason to abandon the US dollar in their oil transactions. The entire Gulf Cooperation Council will likely follow any such Saudi lead. The barons of Wall Street and the US Federal Reserve Board should be worried about the future financial ramifications of this bad deal with Iran which has greatly angered everyone in the Mideast except for the Shiite bloc led by Iran. They better hope the US Congress torpedoes this deal, but that won’t happen unless the Democrats oppose Obama on this issue.