Steven Collins
September 15, 2008
According to a September 9, 2008 story in The Washington Times, Russia may have scored a vast intelligence victory over the USA and NATO in its invasion of Georgia. It is already apparent that Russia sent a “loud and clear” message to the nations of the old Soviet “Near Abroad” that Russia will not tolerate them joining NATO. The first link below affirms that Kazakhstan and the “-stan” nations of Central Asia received that message from Russia. The second link indicates that the Russians have targeted the Ukraine for a “regime change” to install a pro-Russian leader in that nation, or, at the very least, insure Russian control over the strategic portions of the Ukraine.
The second Russian goal in the Georgian invasion may have been to thwart plans for a secret Israeli (or American) air attack upon Iran which planned to utilize Georgian airfields. This action shows Russian will act to protect its ally, Iran. This is consistent with Ezekiel 38’s prophecy that Iran (“Persia”) will be an ally of Russia in its end-time alliance against the nations of the latter-day “house of Israel” (the USA, the UK, many European NATO nations and their allies). These two actions are major Russian successes in the geopolitical “great game.”
A Washington Times article, authored by Bill Gertz (see third link below), reveals that Russia may have scored an even bigger victory over the USA and NATO than anyone in the western world will admit. As background, the USA was pushing NATO to admit Georgia into the NATO alliance, and the USA had just concluded military maneuvers with the Georgian armed forces. Russia was aware of this, and the Russian invasion was timed “just right” so as to permit Russian military forces to attack the port city of Poti and seize shipping containers full of American military equipment that had been in Georgia for the military maneuvers. Mr. Gertz reports that Izvestia, a Russian news source, declared that Russian forces seized “sensitive communications and electronics equipment.” This sensitive equipment reportedly included “Global Positioning System equipment used in weapons targeting, identification, friend-or-foe electronic gear and classified radio and reconnaissance equipment.” As the article notes, a US source dismisses this claim, but such a denial would be expected to minimize the damage even if Izvestia’s claim is true.
If it is true, Russia has harvested an intelligence bonanza and put the NATO nations at a severe strategic disadvantage. Such equipment would allow Russia to “reverse-engineer” all the sensitive US equipment, give it access to US/NATO weapons codes as well as access to coded NATO communications. It might allow Russia to utilize the GPS system to target NATO’s own forces and it could allow Russia to share this information quickly with Iran so Iran’s defenses will be greatly-strengthened against any US attack against Iranian nuclear facilities. If this report is true, it also indicates that Russia has some very well-placed “moles” within the NATO (or Georgian) command structure. Only such moles would be able to tell the KGB the exact information on which shipping containers to seize in the Georgian port of Poti and the exact time at which the shipping containers would be most vulnerable to seizure.
The USA and the West have not yet woke up to the fact that the Russian bear is “out of hibernation” and it is hungry and looking for prey. If the information in Bill Gertz’s story is true, Russia has obtained extremely valuable information and technology with which it can wage a future war against the USA and the NATO nations. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that that is exactly what Russia intends to do (with its allies in China, Iran, etc.). China will also reap the benefits of Russia’s intelligence coup so Chinese forces can use that information against the USA in the Pacific theater.
The old Cold War is “on” again whether the West has the wit to see it or not. However, there is considerable evidence that the West still “does not get it.” The final two links below contain columns which appeared recently in Newsweek magazine. Both are by very influential “thinkers” in the western world. One is by Fareed Zakaria, identified by Wikipedia as being a Board Member of both the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the other is by Richard Haas, the current President of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Mr. Zakaria argues that Russia’s invasion of Georgia was a “major strategic blunder,” and that Russia needs to be incorporated into the world globalist system. [Given the information cited above, I think Russia actually feels it has scored a stunning “triple victory” in its Georgian invasion.] Mr. Zakaria further urged (in his September 8, 2008 column in Newsweek) the “single best strategy for bringing Russia in line with the civilized world would be to dramatically lower oil prices, which would force the country to integrate [into the globalist system] or stagnate.” As if on cue, global oil prices quickly plummeted in spite of events which would usually send oil’s price soaring (a Nigerian conflict, the threat of a Mideast war and a massive hurricane knocking out a significant portion of US domestic oil production and refining capacity). Those who argue that the Trilateral Commission and CFR form a shadow government shaping world events must feel vindicated by this instant implementing response to a suggestion by a Board Member of both globalist entities.
Wikipedia calls Mr. Zakaria a “realist” in his approach. In this, Mr. Zakaria echoes the “pragmatic” approach earlier practiced by Henry Kissinger. I must admit that I like reading Mr. Zakaria’s columns and his former PBS-TV program on foreign affairs was a “must watch” time-slot on my calendar. He is a realist, and sometimes his columns are “spot on.” However, his analysis is based on a “realism” that is limited to human, physical events and perspectives. He does not understand that secular history actually affirms that the God of the Bible has been implementing biblical prophecies for several millennia with such uncanny accuracy that it proves the God of the Bible is both real and in control of overall human events. The eventual outcome of key future world events has already been predetermined by God, but the leaders of the world do not yet realize it. If they would review the scientific/secular and biblical information contained in just two of my articles (Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? and Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?–both available at this website), they would realize the factual reality of the Creator God and the Bible as his Word. If they want to know what the Bible predicts for the future, they can read the article entitled What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III.
The second Newsweek column, by CFR President Richard Haas, not surprisingly, echoes the same theme proposed by Mr. Zakaria. The CFR President, in a column condescendingly entitled “How to Manage Moscow,” argues that Russian aggression should be appeased [it should not be booted from the G-8, we should make it easier for Russia to join the WTO, etc.] as part of an effort to “rope it into the international [globalist] system.” Sigh. The West is clearly not waking up to reality. These two columns by influential western thinkers indicates they think that the Russian bear is simply an unruly animal in the globalist world zoo which can be “managed’ or “roped” into doing what the western globalists want it to do.
I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, Jurassic Park, about the genetic re-creation of dinosaurs who escape their paddocks and take control of the park with catastrophic effect. The owner of the park, deeply in denial about what has occurred, is talking to himself about how the park will be “when they get control back.” One character named “Malcolm” rebukes the owner of the park with words to the effect that “You never had control of the park’s animals, you only had the illusion of control.” This fits current geopolitics pretty well. The western globalists never really had “control” of Russia; they only had the “illusion of control” and they are in denial about the real state of affairs. The Trilateralists and CFR can manipulate the price of oil (and all other commodities) downward if they wish via the futures markets, but they cannot control Russia. Only God can do that…and God has already revealed in Ezekiel 38 what he will put into the minds of Russian leaders to do in the future. I expect that, besides being aggressive, Russia will also launch a phony “peace offensive” at some point in the future to further dupe the western leaders into believing the Russian bear is really a teddy bear, but Ezekiel 38 will be fulfilled on God’s timetable, nonetheless.
The western globalists are like zookeepers who think that they have the Russian bear controlled in a manageable cage. However, they only have the illusion of control. God has the keys to all the locks that contain the Russian bear, and Ezekiel 38 foretells he will let the Russian bear out of its cage and he will loose it upon the western globalists at the end of this age. God has already revealed the outcome of these future events, and neither the Russian bear nor the western globalist system will survive those events.