There are many conflicting reports regarding whether President Obama knew about the NSA’s spying on German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. The answer to this question is disturbing, whatever the truth may be.
The first link offers information both that Obama did know about the spying and authorized it and that he did not know about it. It reports that an NSA source told a German newspaper that Obama did know about the spying. It also cites the denials from the White House itself that Obama did not have knowledge of the NSA’s spying on Merkel. You may choose which version you find more credible. The second link quotes a prominent Democratic Senator as saying that Obama did not know about the spying on Angela Merkel and adds she was not aware of the extent of the NSA’s spying on foreign leaders.
The third link noted that the prominent German media giant, Der Spiegel, reported that the NSA’s spying on Merkel began in 2002. If that is true, then this spying began in the George Bush administration long before Obama came into office. This would make the matter a bipartisan scandal if the German media report is true.
There is other information worth reading on this matter in the first three links (including what I find to be an incredulous assertion by the NSA that the NSA’s massive and unauthorized spying on French citizens was good for France), but I want to focus first on the simple question of whether Obama knew for a long time about the spying on Angela Merkel before the cover was blown on this issue in a torrent of media reports around the world. If he did, then Obama, White House officials, Sen. Feinstein and others are all lying. This would be bad enough and heavily damaging to Obama’s credibility around the world for the rest of his presidency. The alternative is even worse. If the NSA was spying on Angela Merkel (and many other world leaders) since 2002 and Obama wasn’t even told about it until recently, it means that Obama’s position in the US government was not previously deemed sufficiently important for him to be given that sensitive information. It would mean that Obama “wasn’t in the loop” of the real decision-making circles that govern the USA. Consider the implications of that alternative.
Having knowledge of Merkel’s super-sensitive phone conversations (and those of other national leaders) is the juiciest kind of information available. It would ordinarily be shared only with a chief-of-state and very high decision-makers close to the chief-of-state. If nobody bothered to tell Obama for years, it argues that he isn’t really running the US government. It would put him in the position of a figurehead who gives nice speeches (written by others) on teleprompters and that he goes on super-expensive overseas trips, golfs, plays basketball, etc. and appears at ceremonial state functions. But if the president of the USA wasn’t included on the list of insider VIPS with a “need to know” what Merkel has been saying for years and to whom she was saying it, the conclusion is inescapable that someone else is pulling the strings of power in the USA–someone behind the scenes who the voters never elected.
There have been reports that much of the NSA’s spying may have economic overtones and consequences (see last link). This raises the possibility that the NSA was reporting its super-sensitive information not to Obama, but to the political insiders and economic leadership of the US economy (i.e. the Federal Reserve Board and the CEO’s on Wall Street and in other selected mega-corporate boardrooms). In other words, this information was going to many of the top leaders of the insider cabal that Revelation 17-18 call “Babylon the Great”–an alliance of well-placed government officials and regulators and the “merchants of the earth.” That biblical term is a remarkably accurate description, written almost 2000 years ago, of the modern global super-corporations that are so large that they dwarf the resources and budgets of many nations. Perhaps one of the secret goals of the NSA was to monitor progress by other nations toward a new global currency (or a group of global gold-backed currencies) that could supplant the US dollar’s status as the global reserve currency. If this possibility is true, then the revelations about the NSA’s massive spying on Merkel and many other world leaders and on millions of private citizens all over the world in many nations will only make all those other world leaders and their citizens even angrier at Obama, the USA, US intelligence agencies and the US Federal Reserve (that is creating a seemingly endless tidal wave of fantasy dollars to keep the US federal budget, the Treasuries markets, the dollar, etc. from collapsing). The revelations about the NSA’s unbelievably massive (and ham-fisted) effort to spy on everyone…everywhere could backfire and result in the other nations coming together to overthrow the US dollar’s dominance. Revelation 13:1-5 and 17 prophesy that “seven heads and ten horns” will overthrow the current global system and replace it with the final end-time “beast” system. The “revelations” about the NSA scandal and the fury it has evoked in nations all over the world may have accelerated the coming fulfillment of those prophecies in Revelation.
I’m sure Russian President Vladimir Putin is smiling as he watches all of this unfold. He alone knows what further revelations and scandals will come forth into public awareness from the trove of the NSA’s secret files that Edward Snowden brought to Moscow. The last link also includes information about how deep the rift has become between Germany and the USA over the scandal about the NSA’s spying on Merkel’s phone conversations. One can just imagine the fury that is being expressed behind closed doors in the seats of power all over the world.