A reader has sent me a link which is so explosive in its implications that I have to make this known to readers of this website right away. Indeed, the information in the link below is so sensitive that I would not pass it on unless it came from a reputable international website. The website of the European Union, eutimes.net, is reporting that North Korea is responsible for destroying the gulf oil rig that exploded and caught fire with loss of lives, immense economic costs and a perhaps-unprecedented ecological disaster as the oil rupture from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico continues without any immediate hope of stopping it.

The link below reports that a North Korean ship left a Cuban port and “severely deviated” from its intended course to Venezuela and headed toward the gulf oil rig. The link adds that the North Korean ship launched a mini-sub on a suicidal mission which destroyed the oil rig with torpedoes and by detonating itself under the oil rig. This link relates that this report originated in the Russian media and was reprinted in the European media. It is, apparently, being blacked out in all American media outlets. If this report is true (notice I said “if”), it would absolutely require the USA to wage war against North Korea in retaliation. The American people would demand it.

There are other factors which give circumstantial support to this account. It cites that president Obama ordered “many SWAT teams to protect other oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico from further attack.” I do recall seeing that item in a media report soon after the oil rig exploded. Why would Obama do this unless he had reason to believe the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico were under military attack? The link also cites as a motive North Korea’s desire to attack this particular oil rig because it was “built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries.”  If this is all true, it is consistent with North Korea’s act of war against South Korea when it apparently recently sank a South Korean warship. This incident was documented in my April 26, 2010 blog.

The Korean War, which technically never ended because fighting was temporarily halted by an armistice, was waged by North Korea and China against the USA and South Korea. If the shocking information in the link below is true, it looks like North Korea has reopened the warfare, sinking a South Korean warship and exploding a South Korean-built oil rig in American waters. The link further ominously warns that North Korea is working on a longer-range version of a missile which is intended to carry an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapon which can be exploded over the USA. If that happened, it would put the USA in the stone age as it would “fry” our electromagnetic infrastructure. I wonder how much China knows about what its North Korean vassal state is doing?

Since Russian and European media are reporting this information, why isn’t the US media telling the American people? If this report is false, it should openly be addressed and refuted because it is being reported (and, no doubt, believed) internationally. By refusing to report or refute this information that is being reported in many other nations, the Obama administration and the US media are acting as if this report is true.