Here is some information I doubt you’ll see on the establishment US media. The information in these links may help explain why the Egyptian military regarded it as necessary to oust Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader, who had been elected as Egypt’s president.
It was evident from Morsi’s actions that he was incapable of governing and that his incompetence was quickly driving tourists away from Egypt. This risked the imminent collapse of the entire Egyptian economy. The military had to oust Morsi to save Egypt from collapse. So the narrative went. A previous post documented these facts. However, another possible reason for the Egyptian military’s action has now emerged.
The first link and second link report that there is a largely-unreported war going on in the Sinai Peninsula between the Egyptian army and terrorists linked to either Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood. Casualties are mounting and there are reports that some terrorists had mysteriously obtained official Egyptian military police uniforms to hide their identity as they attacked Egyptian army posts. The Egyptian army has reportedly shut down 50 terrorist tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, but another 100 such tunnels may exist.
The third link reports that Morsi, not long before he became the leader of Egypt, was a jailbird who escaped with Hamas help from an Egyptian prison along with other fellow Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Morsi was apparently imprisoned during the Mubarak regime as a terrorist risk along with other Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
Hmm. Morsi was in prison under Mubarak’s rule for being a terrorist risk. Hamas, a terrorist entity ruling Gaza, reportedly helped Morsi to bust out of prison. Morsi becomes the leader and Commander-in-Chief of Egypt, putting him in a position to direct Egyptian uniforms to whomever he wants. Hamas, to whom Morsi apparently owes a great deal for busting him out of prison, suddenly is in possession of Egyptian military uniforms. Hamas terrorists in these mysteriously-appropriated uniforms, start killing Egyptian military personnel in the Sinai. The Egyptian military, quite understandably, gets very upset. The Egyptian military ousts Morsi and puts him under arrest along with others from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Perhaps Morsi’s ouster by the Egyptian military was caused by more than Morsi’s catastrophic mismanagement of the Egyptian economy. Maybe the Egyptian military has unreleased evidence that Morsi directed the Egyptian uniforms to Hamas terrorists who have killed Egyptian army or police personnel. If so, Morsi could yet be tried for treason (a possibility discussed in the third link). Morsi remains in custody. The final chapter of this story is yet to be revealed.