A very strange story has been released in the Israeli media. The two links below [1, 2] (from very respected Israeli media sources) report that the Israelis have made a secret deal with Russia in which Russia gave the Israelis the access codes to Iran’s Russian-supplied, air-defense systems in exchange for the Israelis giving secret access codes to Israeli UAV’s sold to Georgia (which fought a brief war against Russia not long ago).
The information was contained in hacked emails obtained by Wikileaks from the highly-respected Stratfor Intelligence service. Stratfor’s files were, indeed, extensively hacked recently so that lends circumstantial support to this story (see third link). Indeed, it is reported that 5 million internal Stratfor documents were hacked, and, given Stratfor’s inside connections to the world’s intelligence community, those documents likely contain so much sensitive information that many of the world’s governments may now have major headaches wondering what other secret documents will be released in the future.
If this story is true, and obviously the two top Israeli media sources cited wouldn’t have published this very sensitive story unless they thought it was true, it raises some very critical questions. This report indicates that Iran is far more vulnerable to an Israeli attack than they realized if Israel already has all the secret access codes to Iran’s air-defense systems. If it is true, it is odd that the Israeli media would release this information now that an Israeli attack on Iran seems imminent as it gives away a critical secret element of the Israeli attack plan’s chances for success in any attack upon Iran. It is also possible that (A) the story is leaked disinformation to sow discord between Russia and Iran or (B) the story is true and was leaked now to convince Iran it better give up its nuclear weapons program to avoid an attack. If the report is true, it may also mean that Russia has decided that the current leadership of Iran is a risky “loose cannon” to Russian interests and Russia was secretly working with Israel to make an Israeli raid upon Iran such a success that Iran’s current leadership would fall and a new leadership, hand-picked by Russia, would take its place. The Bible clearly identifies “Persia” (Iran) as an ally of Russia in the final Gog-Magog alliance at the end of this age (Ezekiel 38:1-6) so, regardless of whether Iran experiences regime change or not, it will be in Russia’s orbit at the end of this age. It could serve Russia’s strategic interests to have Iran headed by a new “reasonable” Iranian leader who would give up its nuclear weapons program as this would lead to a more complacent western world which would then feel “safer” and disarm itself even more. Also, since Iran is a far greater threat to Israel than Georgia is to Russia, it seems Israel by far got the better of this Israeli-Russian deal. Given that Russia is not likely to give up such vital information for so little in return, it makes me wonder if there is more to this deal than we know.
This report should lead to some very interesting behind-closed-doors discussions between Russian and Iranian governmental officials. It should also lead to very interesting discussions between Israeli and American governmental officials. I find it most interesting that this story was officially leaked in the Israeli media just before President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu are due to meet in Washington, DC. This leak seems to have occurred with impeccable timing.
This story gives us an insight into the likelihood that some very strange and unexpected dealings and agreements are being made between modern nations. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:6 that “wars and rumors of wars” will characterize the latter days of our age. That prophecy has certainly come true. Will the “rumor” of an Iranian-Israeli war become an actual “hot” war? Time will tell.  
It also makes one wonder what other sensitive international secrets are contained in the millions of secret Stratfor documents reportedly hacked by Wikileaks that have not yet been revealed. I’ll bet some frantic efforts are being made behind closed doors to keep some sensitive information from becoming public.