Several readers and friends have sent me this link, and I think all readers of this blog would benefit from reading it as well. The link details that on several occasions, Israeli soldiers and targeted cities were protected from Hamas rockets and missiles by Divine actions. It makes a very good case, in my opinion. Let’s assume the information in the article is all accurate as reported.

The article focuses on a Hamas missile that was fired at high-value Israeli targets in Tel Aviv. The highly effective Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system failed twice to lock-on to the missile and destroy it. That in itself is highly unusual. Then when it seemed the missile was about to impact in Tel Aviv, causing major damage and many casualties, a strong east wind suddenly came out of nowhere and blew the missile harmlessly off-course from its target. Two comments on this appear appropriate immediately. For a fast-traveling missile to be blown suddenly off its course when it is on its final trajectory, that east wind has to be very strong, indeed! Also, for it to come into existence precisely at the moment that it was needed to prevent a Hamas missile from doing major damage to Israel, seems too timely to be coincidental. The article also describes an incident where Israeli soldiers were saved by a suddenly appearing fog and that even the Hamas supporters were so frustrated at the inability of their rockets to hit their targets that they attributed their rockets’ misses to Israel’s God!

Personally, I find these accounts of Divine intervention to be believable. It is entirely consistent with biblical prophecy and the times in which we live. Zephaniah 2 (a prophecy I’ve cited often lately) declares that the people of Judah (Israelis/Jews) will have a Divine right to live in the old Promised Land during the latter-day period of prophetic time. God designated the seacoast (where Tel Aviv is) and the city of Ashkelon to be a part of their territory in this prophecy (verses 6-7) and Zechariah 12 and 14 adds that the city of Jerusalem will be inextricably linked to Judah’s homeland in the latter days. Zephaniah 2:8-11 specifically records God’s anger at those groups who “magnify themselves against [Judah’s] border.” Hamas and Hezbollah are two organizations that fit that description of groups God will be against in the latter days. Given that prophecy and the fact that we are provably living in the latter days (see my article on this subject), it is altogether appropriate and to be expected that God would take actions to implement his prophecies in the latter days. In the event some readers desire more information confirming that the modern Israelis/Jews are the biblical tribe of Judah, please read my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah.

Tel Aviv is known for being a non-observant Jewish city, yet this “seacoast” city was saved by what can only be described as a Divine action. Perhaps more people in Tel Aviv will become observant as a result of this action as it becomes known to them. I also think more people in the world ought to fear God and pay more attention to his Bible in these latter days as instances of such Divine interventions occur.