This blog discusses a very critical issue in world geopolitics and global financial markets. The establishment newspaper, The New York Times, ran an article examining evidence that Goldman Sachs helped the nation of Greece deceive its fellow EU nations about the extent of the debts being run up by Greece. If true, it means Goldman Sachs, the premier Wall Street investment firm, helped a sovereign nation hide the extent of its economic/financial woes from its own people and from its EU partner nations. The mismanagement of the Greek economy and financial affairs has caused a major crisis in the Eurozone. The Euro itself may eventually need restructuring as a result of this crisis. Germany, which is expected to lead the bail-out of Greece, has reason to be especially angry at Goldman Sachs for its role in hiding the crisis and allowing it to get worse over time.

The first four links offer various perspectives on this important issue. The first link flatly states that Goldman Sachs “helped Greece hide catastrophic debt” via “creative accounting.” Specifically, Greece used Goldman Sachs to “concoct a derivatives deal that allowed the country to circumvent EU rules.” Amazingly, this deceptive Goldman Sachs/Greek deception began in 2002 and was only recently discovered. The link adds that the “Goldman-Greek deal…invent[ed] a fictional exchange rate…[and] mask[ed] the true size of its debt.” Obviously by any layman’s standard, the entire deal reeks of deception and dishonesty. Angry nations in the EU must wonder if any of Goldman Sachs’ dealings with sovereign nations can be trusted.

The second link is the original New York Times expose of the nefarious Goldman-Greek deal. It reports the derivatives deal done by Goldman “mislead investors and regulators about the depth of a country’s liabilities.” It reveals the Greek debts to be a mind-numbing $300 billion, a stunning debt level for a small nation. It adds that the deal has been sharply criticized in Germany’s influential Der Speigel publication.

This is a huge issue in global financial markets because this Goldman Sachs-Greek deception begs this question: How many other nations are being helped by Goldman Sachs (or other major Wall Street financial firms) to hide their governmental economic sins from their own people and other nations? It seems unlikely that Greece would prove to be an isolated occurrence. Indeed, are any nations telling the truth to their own people and other nations about how severe their debt and economic problems really are? The third link, from the British press, adds that Goldman Sachs is not the only Wall Street firm doing questionable deals with sovereign nations. It reports that “Italy…did a controversial transaction with Morgan Stanley.” Italy, Portugal and Spain are often reported as the nations most likely to follow Greece into severe economic problems which could result in those nations being cut loose from the Eurozone.  The fourth link, from The Huffington Post, adds that “Greece has been hiding the extent of its debt for years with the help of big U.S. banks,” and calls for Congress to take the long-needed step of regulating derivatives deals and imposing some honest conduct on large Wall Street firms. [These are the same large Wall Street firms which received mega-billions of your tax dollars to bail them out and which paid six-figure bonuses to their staffers who arrange such dishonest deals as the Greek financial scam].

Given that Goldman Sachs has been fingered in numerous articles as helping Greece engage in deceitful deals to hide the truth from their own citizens and other nations, let’s consider a huge issue for Americans. Goldman Sachs has all but taken over the U.S. Treasury Department and the financial operations of the U.S. government. Former top Goldman Executive Henry Paulson was the Treasury Secretary who talked Congress into yielding much of its financial powers to the U.S. Treasury Secretary. A blog months ago cited a mainstream magazine’s article called “Government Sachs” which revealed that numerous Goldman Sachs executives have been infiltrated into many high U.S. government positions. Is Goldman Sachs doing a hostile takeover of the U.S. government? Is it orchestrating (with its buddies at the U.S. Federal Reserve Board) a “leveraged buy-out” of the entire United States of America?” The assets and monies of the USA and its citizens have been effectively seized and/or pledged as collateral to bail out the reckless deals done by Goldman Sachs and the other firms receiving the bailout billions. These deals enrich Wall Street firms but leave U.S. taxpayers in hock for paying the astronomical debts being rung up in the process. I hate to make this observation but it seems that Obama and the current Congress are either complicit in this gargantuan scheme or they are not smart enough to see what is happening. To put it bluntly, the government bailouts result in a situation where Wall Street is sacrificing the entire United States of America and its citizens in order to save the reckless and deceptive Wall Street firms. Will Obama, the Congress or the people wake up? There is hope that they will. A majority of the U.S. House wants to audit the Federal Reserve Board (an action decades overdue), and Obama has at least given lip service to reining in the excesses of Wall Street banks. However, the voters of the USA seem to be waking up by the millions. Given the spreading Tea Party groups, and many polls showing Congressional incumbents in deep trouble with their constituents, it seems the American people are ready to revolt against their leaders in the November elections.

The fifth link below should make a lot of readers angry. It is an article published at and it offers opinions about how corrupt the Wall Street crowd really is. It includes a segment on what the real inflation and unemployment rates are in the USA—honest numbers not reported by the U.S. government which uses contorted subjective assumptions and weightings to finagle the “official” numbers so they are more politically acceptable. You will find the true numbers revelatory, I’m sure!

This all has biblical ramifications. The fact that more and more nations are getting angry at Goldman Sachs, U.S. Wall Street firms and the U.S. Federal Reserve Board reveal that we are getting closer to a climactic collapse of the current global financial system. German leader Angela Merkel openly criticized U.S. Federal Reserve Board policies and her anger must have intensified upon learning Goldman Sachs had helped Greece deceive Germany and other EU nations with deceitful financial transactions. The final link reports that a groundswell of public opinion in Germany opposes the German government bailing out the Greek government. If Germany effectively tells Greece to “go to hell,” such action could exact major revenge on the Wall Street banks which enabled the deceptions because of their exposure to Greek derivatives contracts which could no longer be honored.

Revelation 17-18 prophecy the globalist monetary/commercial system called Babylon the Great (our current U.S. dollar-based global system) will experience a very hard fall in the latter days just before a new “beast” system replaces it. Based on the prophetic language in Revelation 17:16, the collapse of the current system could be painful and bloody for many people. We do not know what spark will eventually set off this prophesied collapse, but it will come. I hope you are acting on the biblical advice cited in my article “Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?” Those times are coming. Indeed, even if you are not Christian, you need to act on the biblical warnings about this impending collapse because you will be affected by its ramifications regardless of your religious beliefs.

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