Hi Steve,

Re the end-time prophets you may be interested to note that the only prophets that have no record of dying are Elijah and John The Beloved. Elijah, an Ephraimite representing if you like the House of Israel and John representing Judah. Joseph made the statement that up to his time there was no record of Elijah having passed away. Also remember the statement Yashuah made to Peter regarding what was it to him if He wanted John to tary until his return ? I do not know for sure who they will be but it is interesting none the less.

Brian Patmore,
Brisbane Australia


Dear Brian,
Since Hebrews 9:27 states categorically that “it is appointed unto men once to die,” I believe both Elijah and John the Apostle died. Elisha saw Elijah lifted up in an angelic chariot off the surface of the earth, but the account does not say Elijah “didn’t die” a natural death later. Indeed, there is biblical evidence that the angelic chariot simply “landed” Elijah somewhere else on the earth’s surface. II Chronicles 21:12 reports that Elijah later sent a letter to King Jehoram of Judah, so Elijah had to still be on the earth to write a physical letter to a human king. Elijah was lifted up in the angelic chariot when King Jehoshaphat was still alive (see II Kings 2-3), but Elijah’s later letter was sent approximately two years afterward to the successor of King Jehoshaphat so that angelic chariot did not take Elijah to the Divine “heaven” but rather for a ride in the earth’s atmosphere to an unknown destination on earth.
John the Apostle (the “Beloved”) was imprisoned on the island of Patmos when he wrote the book of Revelation (Rev. 1:9) late in the 1st century AD. Accounts indicate John died not long after writing this book. The statement about Jesus/Yashuah saying to Peter about “if he tarried…” did not mean that Jesus promised that John would not die. Jesus was simply saying to Peter that John’s lifespan was in his hands, and that John’s lifespan was not Peter’s concern. John 21:22-23 records John himself rebutting the incorrect understanding that John had been promised that he would not die.
Thanks for the question and comments.