Dick Morris is a prominent and well-known FOX -News contributor, a frequent guest on the Dean Hannity program, etc. He also formerly worked as a political advisor in the Clinton White House. I’m sure American readers of this blog are very familiar with him and know of his political acumen and credibility.
Dick Morris has just released a warning about a new effort by the anti-2nd Amendment politicians and globalist elites to use a prospective UN treaty in a novel way to subvert the US Constitution to seize the privately-owned guns in the hands of the US civilian population. Every American who is (A) concerned about the retention of 2nd Amendment rights, or (B) concerned about the survival of Consitutional government in the USA needs to review this link, send it to all like-minded citizens and contact your senators by email or telephone to strongly urge them to oppose this latest UN gun-grab (and any future effort as well). Many senators are now running for re-election and now is the time when they especially want to please constituents. Make sure they know that your vote is dependent on their commitment to oppose this possible UN treaty to subvert the US Constitution and seize your privately-owned firearms. Ask your senators to (A) contact the White House and vehemently oppose this UN treaty’s ever being signed by any US president and (B) to commit to vote in the Senate to nullify any presidential signature of any UN treaty which takes away US 2nd Amendment rights. 
If Americans can be disarmed, it will greatly empower the oppresiveness of the prophesied “beast” system which will rise to global power in the latter days (Revelation 13, 17-18). If Americans retain their 2nd Amendment rights that God gave us via the US Constitution, then the beast power’s rule will be less oppressive for Americans (and others). A lot is at stake in this issue.