This link addresses a subject that I intended to post on some time ago, but other subjects crowded it out. I came across this article again and am now bringing it to readers’ attention. It is just as relevant today as when it was written at the end of 2013.

The link describes the development of electronic fibers and micro-objects which can be “melted” right into your body, or many other kinds of surfaces. You can read the article to consider some of the benign and useful applications that this new technology can offer. However, I will concentrate on discussing possible not-so-benign usages. Developed with assistance from DARPA, the government agency that funds and builds ultra-high-tech and secretive technologies, the new science of “transient electronics” has developed nano-materials that can be inserted inside the human body for a number of purposes. Again, some are benign and medically useful. This technology is intended to “target…nothing less than the border between man and machine.” [Does this mean an android of some kind is eventually envisioned by this technology?]

This nano-technology can make “eyeball-shaped cameras that mimic human and insect sight, and soft threads of tiny LEDs that can be injected right into the brain.” This technology utilizes silicon fibers so thin that they are the size of  “one-thousandth of a human hair.”  The goal is to make the materials so thin that they can “fully dissolve into biological fluids or water in a matter of days (emphasis added).” If these nano-particles can dissolve into fluids, it seems logical that they could be injected into human bodies via vaccinations (knowingly or unknowingly). I can think of no reason that these nano-materials couldn’t be inserted into a human body via tattoo ink (again, knowingly or unknowingly).

This technology can also produce “nano-membranes” that can adhere to many kinds of surfaces. This would have all kinds of tracking and surveillance, communications, information-storage, espionage and weapons possibilities, applied to both military and civilian applications. The article notes that this technology can also be used to “stamp circuits directly onto skin.” The article assures us that there will be “years of clinical trials” before this nanotechnology is inserted into human bodies and the wireless connections invented to interact with them. Obviously, a “wireless” application of these nanotechnology devices inside human bodies means that people could be monitored from a distance. This means an RFID transmitting device (or some similar technology) must be miniaturized to transmit signals from inside a human body to a receiving unit or monitoring device somewhere else. I wonder what the range of this transmission signal will be. The article was written over a year and a half ago. I wonder how far this technology has advanced since the article was written? It mentions “years of clinical trials” are necessary. Who are the test subjects for these clinical trials? Volunteer prisoners? Vaccinated populations? Military personnel? If these nano-electronic particles can be injected into humans via a variety of means, I wonder if they can be inserted into human bodies by drifting down from the effluent that is sprayed from airplanes spewing chem-trails into our atmosphere. Maybe we are already all test subjects if this is possible.

This technology of inserting microscopic and invisible circuitry into human bodies reminds me of Revelation 13:16-18 and 14:9 which prophesies that everyone in the latter days will have their financial transactions monitored (and controlled) by something involving a “mark” of some kind on or in people’s foreheads and hands. We are told that the technology described in the article below can be inserted into brains and human tissues. Is this the technology that will implement the “mark of the beast?” We’ll see. I’m not making predictions, but mentioning this option as one possible mechanism of biblical prophetic fulfillment.

Keep in mind that there will be benign and useful applications of this technology. Instead of a driver’s license or passport that can be faked or counterfeited, this technology could be adapted to leave an individual “marker” of some kind in every human being so that his/her identity and whereabouts can be known at any time. Lost pets could be found via this technology. So could human beings who don’t want to be found. If this technology is coupled to nano- or organic-circuitry, each human being could be walking around with an individualized nano-computer inside them that records a great deal of information about them and via which they can buy and sell merchandise and services.

I’ll leave you with a thought that is biblically related to this subject. It seems to me that the “mark of the beast” has to, at some point, involve worshiping the beast system and/or its evil political and false religious leaders (who will appear to be good in all their press coverage, of course). When the current Babylon the Great system falls and is replaced by the final “beast” system (Revelation 17-18), it is my expectation that the beast system’s initial actions will seem quite benign and popular. The technology discussed in this article could be adapted to give everyone an invisible and individualized “passport” that they will carry around in their own body. This would be a remarkable solution to the problem of illegal immigrants, untracked refugees, false passports, human trafficking, drug-smuggling operations, etc. It could also be touted as a “convenient” way to not have to carry credit cards, cash, etc. as one could perhaps “buy and sell” simply waving a hand over a device which can read the transmitted signals emitted from these devices inserted into all human bodies. As long as this technology does not involve or require any form of religious worship or fealty, why would it be a sin? I can envision religious leaders saying there is nothing sinful about this system, and they may, initially, be right. However, at some point, after everyone has the nano-chip, worship and fealty to the beast’s system and its leaders could then be required. The price of refusal? Having one’s nano-device code deactivated so you cannot “buy or sell” anything until you agree to worship the beast system and its leaders.