Every so often, a story emerges which speaks volumes about the level of incompetence inside a particular national agency or a national government itself. Sadly, in this case, a story the Obama administration is scrambling to cover up reveals just how incompetent the Obama White House Staff really is and how clueless they are in matters of American national security.

In his recent widely-reported visit to the troops in Afghanistan during the Memorial Day weekend (a blatant photo op if ever there was one), Obama’s White House staff released a memo that included a list of top dignitaries who met with President Obama during his visit to Afghanistan. Specifically named on the list distributed to the world’s media covering the event was the name of the CIA’s Chief-of-Station in Afghanistan–a highly clandestine post (see first link). What happened was Obama’s White House memo had blown the cover of the USA’s top intelligence official in Afghanistan! How could such incompetence (if not treason itself) exist in a White House staff? The CIA operative whose cover has been blown has had his life and the lives of his family put at risk. US intelligence efforts have been set back in Afghanistan because of this horrific exposure by an incompetent White House staff. How deep does the toxic incompetence run in the Obama White House? Who wrote this law-breaking memo (more on that later)? Who vetted and approved it before it was released to the world’s media? Didn’t President Obama read the list himself and approve it?

Heads need to roll because of this stunningly reckless action by Obama’s White House staff. However, as the second link notes, a media cover-up is being implemented about this mess so few Americans will ever know about the depth of either the treasonous action or just plain stupidity that exists on the Obama White House staff. However, you can be sure the media handout list which named the US CIA Chief-of-Station has, by now, been shared with all the intelligence agencies of all important nations in the world. I think it is obvious that whatever post this CIA chief-of-station occupied in Afghanistan as a cover for his real role, you can be sure that every American in every embassy or consulate around the world in a similar post is now being suspected as being a possible CIA Chief-of-Station in other nations. This is a very damaging intelligence leak by the Obama White House. The second link mentions that the “intentional disclosure of the name of a ‘covered’ operative is a crime under the US Intelligence Identities protection Act,” as well it should be. It cites a former high staffer in Vice-President Dick Cheney’s office and a former CIA agent who were sentenced to 30-month prison sentences for doing the same thing. Will anyone be sentenced in the Obama White House for also violating this act? I doubt it. If they are not charged, arrested and imprisoned, it is a sign Obama himself doesn’t care about the safety or security of the US national intelligence efforts or the men and women who risk their lives in American intelligence agencies. What will the White House’s defense be? That gross incompetence is so rife within the Obama White House that it is “standard operating procedure” to be that dumb and incompetent? We have seen in other media reports that even members of the once-stellar Secret Service use hookers and get drunk in the Obama administration’s tenure (third link).

How sadly appropriate this endangerment of the lives and safety of operatives in the US intelligence community should occur over the Memorial Day weekend. This is a holiday where we honor the fallen and living Americans who fought and died or risked their lives in service to their nation in wars during our nation’s lifetime. While the emphasis of the day is honoring the members of the uniformed services who served openly, how many Americans have given their lives just as nobly for America’s security while serving in the clandestine intelligence services–whose members cannot be honored, recognized or rewarded for their valuable service?

Somehow the timing of this act of stupidity within the White House is most apropos. President Obama now wants to disarm the American military while our enemies and potential enemies are greatly increasing their military forces and acting more warlike, and Obama’s defense policy is to reduce the US army to pre-World War II levels and mothball the A-10 warplane, the best tank-killer ever invented. Obama’s Veterans Affairs Department is enmeshed in a widening scandal that not only were US veterans denied necessary and timely care, but that VA officials also devised ways to lie about how veterans were being denied proper care. Now the White House itself blows the cover of a US CIA Chief-of-Station. Obama’s cabinet has been a source of immense antipathy toward US veterans already. Former Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano bizarrely labeled Christians, veterans, home-schooners, tea-party patriotic groups, etc. as being possible domestic terrorists (fourth link, fifth link). Any responsible, patriotic president would have fired any cabinet official who made such a bizarre assertion on the spot. Obama didn’t do that so that argues Obama shared her views.

That Obama would seek to weaken the military even as his VA routinely neglects veterans and one of his former top cabinet officials thought veterans were potential terrorists while his White House staff now jeopardizes the safety of US intelligence operatives makes a mockery, in my opinion, of President Obama saying anything about his commitment to the military or to veterans on a Memorial Day photo-op. He should be seen, in my opinion, as the Hypocrite-in-Chief.

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