As readers likely know, the nation of South Africa is formally accusing the nation of Israel of “genocide” in a case to be tried at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague in the Netherlands. This court is a creature of the United Nations, which is endlessly full of animus against the Israelis. The charge of genocide is being alleged by South Africa due to the Israeli war against Hamas in Gaza. It is difficult to imagine that a UN court will give the Israelis a fair trial.

Israel, of course, will defend itself against these charges, but a remarkable development has occurred which deserves comment. A nation has come forth to intervene at the ICJ in defense of the Israelis. The nation volunteering to publicly defend the Israelis against South Africa’s charge is…Germany! The first link and second link report on the Israelis’ defense against this baseless charge by South Africa, but I want to point out to readers the historical importance of Germany’s defense of Israel.

As readers know, it was Nazi Germany which tried to eradicate the Jewish people in a very real Holocaust (a genocide) during World War II. Germany’s current defense of the Jewish nation shows how the geopolitics of the world can change dramatically over time. The nation which perpetrated a genocide against the Jews in the mid 20th century is now defending the Jewish state in the 21st century! I think this development is worth bringing to the attention of all readers. Anyone who died during World War II and was resurrected now to see that Germany is publicly defending the Jewish nation would be shocked beyond words. Frankly, Germany has become a good ally to the Israelis in the modern world, and I think Germany’s defense of the Israelis at the ICJ speaks well of Germany and this German action should be recognized and commended. Many do not realize it but Germany has also manufactured a fleet of very high-tech submarines for the Israeli navy (third link). These submarines are reported to have both a tactical and strategic capability. Indeed, speculation exists that the Israelis have small nuclear warheads which can be launched on cruise missiles fired from submerged Israeli submarines. The Israeli government is tight-lipped about any such capability, but I think that Israel’s very high-tech sector could easily construct such weaponry if the Israeli government tasked it to do so.

In my judgment, South Africa’s accusation of genocide vs. the Israelis is sheer nonsense! It is an established fact that Hamas started the war with Israel, not vice versa. Israel has every right to defend itself, launch counter-attacks against an aggressor and seek to locate and recover Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas. It has also been well-established that Hamas has hid its military facilities and weaponry adjacent to or inside hospitals, mosques, schools, and public areas of all kinds. To pursue its war vs. Hamas, Israel has no choice but to attack the public spaces where Hamas has positioned its military assets and fighters.  It is also known that Hamas’ charter calls for the elimination of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Why does the world blind its eyes to the fact that it is Hamas which has genocidal intent toward the Israelis/Jews? In my opinion, the blood and suffering of the civilians inside Gaza is on the head of Hamas, not the Israelis. If Hamas had not started this war, the civilians inside Gaza would not now be suffering such privations. If Hamas cared about Gaza’s civilians, Hamas would do the honorable thing and (A) lay down their arms, (B) return the hostages to Israel and (C) surrender unconditionally to the Israelis. That would end the war. It would be the right thing to do as Hamas cannot win this war.

As I’ve noted in previous recent posts, the Mideast is still sliding toward a possible large, regional war. The Houthis in Yemen have been firing many drones and missiles at both civilian and military vessels in the Red Sea. After a long period of doing nothing about it, the Biden administration did finally order some military strikes vs. Houthi targets. The initial strikes seem to have accomplished little as follow-up attacks have occurred and the Houthis are still launching attacks on maritime shipping.

The final outcome and scale of the Mideast conflict is not yet known, but it could have huge ramifications for many nations as well as the global economy.