Steven Collins
December 27, 2007
As regular readers of this blog already know, the USA is in a steady pattern of national decline. This is true on all fronts: political, economic, monetary, cultural, religious and military. This blog is on the continuing military decline.
I think most Americans, long accustomed to America’s superpower dominance of the planet, have no idea how greatly the US military has been weakened and overextended. Most Americans have an assumption that the US military has endless reserves of soldiers and equipment based and stored “somewhere.” That view creates a false sense of security. The USA did have a true superpower military at the conclusion of the Reagan Presidency. President Clinton, thinking the “end of the Cold War” meant the USA did not need a superpower military any longer, essentially cut the USA’s air, ground and navy forces in half. The US military was expected to fight only in occasional “peacekeeping missions” as it was downsized to be a “peacetime” military. Confronted with the need to react to the events of 9/11, President Bush has deployed what remains of the US military to fight endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Bush (and Congress) did not bother to expand the US military to meet these heavy burdens on the military’s personnel and equipment. That is why we have the onerous burden of multiple deployments being placed on the same soldiers and national guardsmen who are sent back over and over again to these Asian wars. American military equipment is being worn out rapidly due to steady combat missions, but replacement equipment has not been provided. Many analysts and serious observers have noted President Bush has pushed the already-reduced US military to its “breaking point.” To put it bluntly, the USA has superpower obligations, but it no longer has the military forces to fulfill its superpower obligations.
Two media stories have surfaced confirming that the US military is steadily losing its superpower status. FoxNews on December 18, 2007 (see link below) reported that President Bush has “approved a ‘significant reduction’ in the US nuclear weapons stockpile, cutting it to less than one-quarter its size at the end of the Cold War.”  The article notes that the US nuclear arsenal will be reduced due to the terms of an arms control treaty with Russia. While it would still a potent nuclear force, the trend is clear that the USA is steadily reducing its nuclear forces as well as its conventional forces. The security of the entire Western world depends on the steadily-shrinking US military forces. Given that Russia is now openly speaking and acting like a US enemy, is it really wise to continue to reduce the US military? Given that Putin’s Russia has renounced a Cold War Treaty on arms deployments in Europe (and has allied itself to the rapidly-militarizing nations of Iran and China), is it really wise for the USA to honor disarmament treaties that assumed Russia would never again be an enemy?
Today’s USA Today reported that most of the USA’s force of F-15 fighters have been grounded due to structural problems so severe that F-15s are in danger of falling apart in flight (see link below). The article states “450 F-15s” were grounded after one F-15 “began to break apart in the air and crashed Nov. 2…” The problem involves “defects…that hold the fuselage together.” The US military’s equipment is so old that it badly needs replacement. It used to be said that some of the B-52 bombers were older than the flight crews serving on them. It can now likely be said that some of the B-52s are older than the parents of some of the crew members assigned to fly in them. The fact that one F-15 literally fell apart in flight confirms how old the US war material now is.
The USA Today article also highlights another aspect of how badly the US military has shrunk. I recall that in the Cold War years, the US Air Force had many bases with fleets of interceptor aircraft to defend the USA’s mainland. There was a DEW line and a BMEWS line to defend North America, and a command center in Cheyenne Mountain monitored and controlled every aspect of the massive US Air Force’s ability to defend the nation. [If you are too young to remember what the DEW and BMEWS systems were, I think it stood for a “Defensive Early Warning” network and the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System.] In the archives of this blog, you will find an entry which reported that the USA was dismantling its Cheyenne Mountain facility. The USA Today article reported that with the grounding of the F-15 fleet, the air defense of “the entire West Coast” is now the responsibility of the California Air National Guard. The Vermont National Guard is all that is left to defend “the whole northeast,” The Illinois National Guard is helping with Louisiana’s Air security and the Minnesota National Guard is expected to safeguard Hawaiian skies. Where is the US Air Force? Mostly sitting on the tarmac with aging planes that are now at risk of falling apart in the skies due to the age of their component systems. If the decaying US military bothers you, write or email your Congressional representatives about the situation soon…while you still have time. Your entire Congressional delegation is likely too busy being wined and dined by the lobbyists of the global corporations to pay attention to you, but its an election year in 2008. Maybe a few of them will temporarily pay attention to the US citizens and the well-being of the country…in order to get reelected. But you better contact them early in the year. After the election, they will shamelessly hop back into the pockets of the lobbyists who routinely dispense millions of dollars in bribes (excuse me, Congress prefers we use the term “campaign contributions”). Isaiah 1:23 prophesied the leaders of the latter-day nations of the house of Israel would all “love bribes and gifts.” Has that ever come to pass!
Ezekiel 38:11 prophesied that the nations of the latter-day house of Israel would be like “unwalled villages” which had no “bars and gates.” This prophecy is also being fulfilled before everyone’s eyes. The modern Western world and NATO are being led by the current nations of the house of Israel (the so-called “lost ten tribes” which the Bible affirmed would be among the large and powerful nations of the world–The Jews are the biblical “house of Judah”). Those who have read my books are aware of the abundant evidence that the USA, the UK and many European and Scandinavian nations are the modern ten tribes of Israel. The USA and the NATO nations have radically weakened their defenses since the Berlin Wall came down. We are now nations of “unwalled villages” which have forgotten about the need to defend our own territorities. The massive waves of illegal immigration into both the USA and Europe also fulfill the Ezekiel 38:11 prophecy about our nations having neither “bars or gates.”  There are no fences with “bars or gates” on our borders! Millions of legal and illegal Moslem immigrants are pouring into Europe through its unguarded “gates” (i.e. borders). Millions of illegal Mexican and Latin American immigrants are pouring into the USA through our unguarded “gates” (i.e. borders). Both the USA and Europe are in extreme and growing cultural, economic and political danger due to these unchecked illegal invasions.
Europe already has an EU government taking shape, and the adamant refusal of the White House and the US Congress to defend and control US borders are graphic confirmation that neither insitution wants to protect the USA as a sovereign entity. If they did want to do so, they would protect our borders. Pay no attention to the political baloney they espouse: Look only at what they do. Their willful and long-standing refusal to safeguard US sovereignty over its own territory indicates both President Bush and the US Congress are preparing the way for a North American Union in which US, Canadian and Mexican sovereignties will be merged into a North American Union government appointed by the globalist elites and not bound by the Bill of Rights or any other provision of the US Constitution. Why are they doing this? Because they do whatever they are told to do by the lobbyists who gvie them millons of dollars in bribes (excuse me, I keep using God’s terminology instead of the politically-correct term of “campaign contributions”) Your prayers could actually avert this from happening. If you don’t like the idea of you and your family taking orders from a globalist government, I suggest you petition the real Lord of the Universe, the Creator God of the Bible, to “do something about it.” If you are too busy to pray about it now, you’ll wish you had done so if a NAU government comes into existence in the future. When the NAU’s tax-collectors and officials come for your money, your freedoms and your guns, you’ll wish you had prayed to stop it.
Don’t tell youself one person’s prayers don’t matter. God plagued the ancient kingdom of Israel when it was ruled by a corrupt husband-and-wife team (King Ahab and Queen Jezebel) because of the prayer of just one person (James 5:17, I Kings 17:1). 
If you wish to see extensive evidence that we are living in the “latter days” of this age (just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ), you are invited to read my free article, “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?,” available at this website.  All the Bible’s prophecies about the Latter Days are now coming to pass in modern world events and conditions. You owe it to yourself to know what is happening in this world, the destiny of which really is being guided by the Creator God of the Bible. If you choose to not bother to read what the Bible has to say, then at least you will know “you were warned.” You will have no excuse when God asks you in your eventual judgment why you didn’t become aware of his reality and do something about it, on a personal or national level.,2933,317381,00.html