Steven Collins
June 22, 2007
Many readers are no doubt familiar with the “comprehensive immigration bill” now being considered by the Senate. It is being pushed by President Bush, Senators Kennedy and McCain and many others. After going down to defeat by a large margin in the Senate on a procedural vote, President Bush and the bills’ sponsors are relentlessly pushing for Senate approval again. Why is this bill so important to them that are virtually demanding the Senate pass it? If one looks closer, the real goals seem evident. These goals also indicate a major prophetic fulfillment of “latter day” prophecy may be at hand.
Before reading the rest of this blog, I urge viewers to first view this new clip of from the Lou Dobbs program on CNN so you can consider my comments in context. I had not seen the program on which this segment aired, but it was forwarded to me via the internet. Every American ought to see this clip as they will wonder if anyone in Washington actually cares about the interests of the nation and its citizens any more.

If you have seen the Lou Dobbs segment, you will realize that this bill does things which the media is not telling you. It is vital for everyone to contact their State’s US Senators to strongly urge them to kill this very dangerous “immigration bill” They also need to contact their representatives in the US House of Representatives to strongly urge them to kill this bill if the more compliant Senate passes it.
In my view, the immigration bill’s provisions will end the USA as we have known it. All nations have the right and obligation to defend their borders and their culture. America’s leaders are refusing to do so. They are pulling the nation in a direction that the people sense is wrong. A poll just released shows that approval ratings for Congress have sunk to 14%, even lower than President Bush’s ratings! Many polls reveal Americans think the USA is “heading in the wrong direction” or “on the wrong track.” The people are right. Isaiah’s prophecy about the latter-days in Isaiah 2-4 (see Isaiah 3:12) foretold that it would be the leaders who would lead the people in the wrong direction.
Did you catch the part of the Dobbs segment which indicated that the approval of the immigration bill would “fast-track” the establishment of a North American Union? If the USA is submerged into a North American Union (NAU), which is likely the real goal of the immigration bill’s sponsors, America’s sovereignty and its Constitutional Rights will be steadily eroded. The NAU would be a supranational government over the USA, Mexico and Canada, even as the European Union (EU) is a supranational government over European nations. There is no provision for the NAU’s officials to be elected by the people and the NAU is not bound to implement or abide by the rights and protections of the US Constitution. The Federal Government of the USA would still be bound by Constitutional limitations, but the NAU’s government will be able to essentially do as it pleases. Will the NAU assess everyone in North America with new taxes? Will it try to take away Americans’ civil liberties as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights? In time, this is likely what will happen.
A similar thing is happening in Europe. The European elites wanted a European Constitution, but the voters of France and the Netherlands said NO to it in national referenda. Now the European elites are trying to revive the Constitution in a way which will prevent European voters from having any right to vote on the issue. That is classic tyranny, but that is their plan. As the Economist magazine wrote in its June 16, 2007 issue (“A Constitutional Conundrum,” p. 14), the European Constitution is “…rising, Lazarus-like, from the dead.” The Immigration bill pushed by President Bush and its American sponsors is doing the same thing.
If readers have not read my article (“A Captivity to Babylon the Great?” ) posted at the Articles link at this website, I urge you to do so as you will understand better why the world’s political and economic elites are pushing for the NAU and the EU. These regional blocs with supranational governments are essential to their goals of creating an overall world government. This was prophesied in the Bible to come to pass. Revelation contains a prophecy that the latter-days will witness the rise and fall of “Babylon the Great,” a global system/entity created jointly by “the merchants of the earth” (the global, multi-national corporations) and the “kings of the earth” (the political leaders and the elites). Another prophecy in Revelation 13 calls this global entity the “beast.” If the immigration bill passes in its current form in the USA and the European elites impose an EU Constitution upon the unwilling masses of Europe, the “Beast” power can then emerge via the NAU and EU working together unencumbered by any need to consider the interests of the voters or the nation states they dominate.
Babylon the Great’s system already governs the world economies so it is not yet clear to what extent God will allow the Babylon the Great/Beast system to gain and exercise power. If people rise up and demand the retention of their rights and national sovereignties, the Beast power will not be as powerful as its makers wish it to be. That is why the voters need not have a sense of hopelessness. Daniels 2 described the end-time union of nations called “Babylon the Great” as “the feet of clay and iron and the ten toes.” It foretells this endtime global power will not mix well together. This infers that the Beast power will assemble more of a confederation of fractious nations instead of a new Roman Empire ruling over the world. Believers need also to remember that God’s prophecies will supercede any plans of Babylon the Great’s makers. Believers can pray to our Heavenly Father to thwart the plans of  Babylon the Great’s rulers so that Divine prophecies are fulfilled in the least malignant way possible.
Babylon the Great’s “movers and shakers” (as well as the rival power bloc headed by Russia, China and Iran) are like players involved in a high-stakes geopolitical poker game with the objective being world domination. However, they have forgotten the most powerful player at the table. This player often only observes and plays only when he feels the need to do so. That player is about to enter the game with resources and goals that the other players do not even know exist! The player at the table who they have forgotten is the Creator God. Babylon the Great (and all human power blocs) will learn that the Creator’s power dwarfs all other players in the world’s geopolitical game. Revelation 11 prophesies that God will send two incredibly powerful prophets, called the Two Witnesses, to intervene in the global game of power and geopolitics. They will have the power to plague nations, leaders, etc. “as often as they wish.” God will delegate to them power and authority which will be vastly greater than any supranational governments planned by Babylon the Great. Their message will be that God Himself is about to take forcible control of all the world’s nations and permanently “end” the nations’ geopolitical games. A detailed examination about the prophesied ministry of the Two Witnesses is posted at this website in the “Articles” section.
Readers need to realize that the more the prophesied Babylon the Great /Beast power comes into existence, the more it signals that the arrival of the Two Witnesses is also drawing near. Revelation 16:10 prophesies some plagues will eventually be poured out right at “the seat of the Beast.”  God knows who the public (and hidden) leaders are in Babylon the Great’s global system. Their time is coming. When it does come and God personally plagues and punishes them, you would not want to be in their shoes.