Periodically, I’ve done blog posts on the very dangerous wheat rust, Ug99, as it spreads to more and more nations around the world. The link below reveals that it has now spread to 12 nations. It was first noticed in Uganda, and has spread to South Africa, Yemen, Iran, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. The other five nations affected by Ug99 were not named in this report. The story below was also found at the websites of ABC News and the India Times.

Wherever the wheat rust goes, it can cause a “60%” reduction in wheat yields in affected fields so this wheat rust represents a very real threat to global wheat supplies in the future. The story warns that “If it got going in North America, it could start in Southern Texas and go all the way to the Canadian plains.” The story also warns that Ug99 can be spread from nation to nation on people’s clothing and via air travelers.

There have also been major crop failures in wheat crops in Russia and Australia so, combined with the global threat of Ug99, wheat prices have been skyrocketing on commodity markets as global wheat shortages loom. Revelation 6:5-6 warn that there will be global food shortages in the latter days and that food will be rationed by price. Wheat is one of the specific commodities named in the prophecy that will be in short supplies and rationed by price. That prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes.

There is another very real threat that was not discussed in the story below, and that threat is ecoterrorism where terrorists or agents of hostile foreign nations could easily spread Ug99 to the wheat crops of the USA, Canada or other nations. Iran is one of the nations listed as being affected by Ug99. Given Iran’s rage at having its nuclear facilities targeted by the Stuxnet computer worm, how hard would it be to have Iranian-inspired agents “harvest” Ug99 spores and spread them to the wheat fields of other nations such as the USA? Given the lax security at the US-Mexican border, smuggling such dangerous spores into the USA shouldn’t be too hard. If such ecoterrorism occurs, Revelation 6:5-6 will be fulfilled a lot quicker than we expect.