Czech President Zeman stated recently in a TV interview that it is “practically impossible” for Islamic immigrants to assimilate into European culture, and the Czech Republic has accepted very few such immigrants (first link). Is he a right-wing politician? No. The link identifies him as a left-wing president of the Czech Republic, confirming that the anti-Islamic immigrant attitude is now gaining strength in both the right and left wings of the European political camps. The second link also reports on his comment that it is almost impossible for Islamic immigrants to assimilate into European culture. It also reports that Austria is considering using troops to stop Islamic immigrants from entering Austria and that Slovenia is moving in the same policy direction as Austria. The third link reports that the anti-Islamic backlash is spreading to more nations within Europe. It lists the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, Cyprus and (likely) Poland as nations wanting only Christian refugees to take refuge in their nations. The fourth link adds that Hungary is working on a razor-wire fence to keep more refugees from coming into its nation, and that Poland has fired back at Germany’s permissive policy of allowing vast numbers of Islamic migrants into Germany. It also reports that more migrants keep coming into Europe via Greece. I think it is clear that as more Islamic immigrants pour into Europe and there have been many reports of higher crime rates as a result of that influx, there is an increasing likelihood that the EU itself could be at risk and that, at the very least, its Schengen agreement about free passage between EU nations, is in great danger of collapsing. Germany, which has accepted the most Islamic immigrants, is arguably the most victimized by the increased crime rates caused by Islamic immigrants (fifth link and sixth link); however, England and Wales noticed a similar crime rate increase from Islamic immigrants (seventh link). The rising crime rate from Islamic immigration was almost surely a factor in the British Brexit vote earlier this year. Rising crime rates within Europe from Islamic immigration could motivate more nations to leave the EU in coming years. I must admit that I do not understand the continuing policy of lax restrictions in Islamic immigrants coming into Germany as practiced by the Merkel government. Her policy of admitting huge numbers of Islamic immigrants has caused her political party to be defeated in regional elections around Germany this year, and could easily  lead to her party losing the next German national elections. Nevertheless, she still persists in this policy. It is also causing more right-wing sentiment to manifest itself in the regional elections in Germany as resentment grows against her pro-Islamic immigrant policy. Holland and France will be conducting national elections in 2017 and readers should watch their outcomes carefully. The Dutch election is in March and Geert Wilders, the current leader in the polls, is anti-EU and anti-Islamic immigrant. If he heads the next Dutch government, he is likely to call for a Dutch national vote on whether to leave the EU along with the British. Is the influx of Islamic immigrants and their Islamic culture into Europe forcing European nations to re-examine and recover their historically Christian heritage? We will see. From a biblical point of view, this ongoing wave of Islamic immigrants into Europe will eventually hit a boiling point. I do not set dates re: when it will occur, but that point will come. Deuteronomy 27:43 warns that nations with a biblical heritage forsake God and his laws that one consequence of their wandering away from God is that “the stranger that is within you shall get up above you very high, and you shall come down very low.” Applied to the modern European immigrant crisis, the “strangers” are clearly the Islamic immigrants who do not desire to assimilate into European culture but demand that the European host nations conform to the culture of Islam. As they increase in number, they become increasingly resented by the host populations. As more terrorist acts and crimes are committed by radical Islamic adherents, that resentment grows by leaps and bounds. We need to watch what happens in 2017. The EU may undergo a slow fracturing into a state of disintegration that will take years, or some truly major terrorist act could cause the EU to fall apart very quickly. If the EU does disintegrate, it causes the existence of all financial agreements, bonds, derivatives, etc, denominated in Euros to be at risk. If the Euro collapses, counterparty risks in financial deals of all kinds could bring down other fiat currencies as well. This could quickly lead to a collapse of confidence in global fiat currencies, leading to the very state of affairs prophesied in Revelation 17-18 when the global money system called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18 falls suddenly and spectacularly. Again, I make no predictions, but we are entering a time of steadily increasing risk in global financial, monetary and political circles, and the waves of Islamic immigrants into Europe are steadily exacerbating those risks as time goes by.