By Steven Collins (April 11, 2007)
This author sees a growing threat of a future surpise attack against the USA in the future. I do not anticipate this attack will come for a few years yet, but no one knows for sure when this might occur. What is known is that Ezekiel 38 prophesies the nations of the “house of Israel” will be attacked by an alliance of nations in the “latter days.” Many Christian churches are aware of prophetic fulfillments indicating we now live in the latter days, but few are aware that the Bible prophesies (and promises) that the ten tribes of Israel will be found among the major nations in the latter days. Ezekiel 38:8 and 11-12 prophesy the major nation of the ten tribes of Israel in the latter days will be a very wealthy nation which is also known as a “melting pot” nation (“gathered out of many people”). Joel 2, a parallel prophecy, foretells the major nation of “Israel” to be attacked at hte end of our age will be a land which has large “seas” on its western and eastern borders (Joel 2:20). Can you think of a “melting pot” nation which is also known as a land “from sea to shining sea?” Full information documenting the locations of the ten tribes of Israel in our modern world can be found at the book links of this website. While Russia, China and Iran are all revealed in Ezekiel 38:1-6 as being part of the attacking alliance, this posting will focus mostly on China’s growing strengths and abilities against the USA.
China is not focused on building carriers and ICBMs, but rather submarines and cruise missiles, in large quantities. By not building our strategic systems (carriers and ICBMs), China induces strategic somnolence in our leaders and generals. In a war with the US, they do not have to take out very many US ships to nullify our navy. All they need do is sink/disable our carriers and our support ships are of limited value. China recently confirmed they are already practicing how to shadow and attack our carriers when they had a sub surface within easy “kill” distance of a US carrier. If China wanted to launch a surprise attack in the future, they would deploy cruise missiles on submarines and send large volleys at all US carriers at the same time. No ICBMs need be launched. Other Chinese submarines just off our coasts (especially if such an attack were coordinated with Russia, Iran and other US-haters) could launch cruise missiles at all stationary US carriers and submarines in port and at all US strategic and tactical sites on our mainland to cripple us in one stroke. If just two EMP weapons were detonated over the USA, civilization as we know it would stop in the USA and confusion and chaos would be everywhere. China will surely study how easily German U-boats sank US vessels at will off our coasts in the early months of World War 2. Think what German U-boats could have accomplished if they had been supplied with conventional and nuclear cruise missiles. China’s subs will be so equipped. Any such first strike would cripple the USA because we have no industrial capacity to build arms quickly (our factories have been foolishly sent to China).
China does not need to limit itself to offensive sub attacks. It has vast numbers of merchant vessels bringing all those cheap goods to the Western world. China has already experimented with using its civilian freighters as weapons platforms (the Washington Times reported this years ago). If China were to launch a first strike vs. the USA, it could equip 100s of its civilian ships with cruise missiles which would be launched from just off our coasts via hidden platforms within the ships’ cargo holds. Since a Chinese company operates the Panama Canal, it would be easy to have Chinese saboteurs disable the canal so surviving US naval ships could not transit the canal to reinforce Pacific defenses. China has already tested its anti-satellite capacity so they know they can blind us quickly.
There is another long-term worry to think about. The Lou Dobbs program, in an interview with Frank Gaffney last week, discussed a major threat to future US security which, curiously, our own government is causing. The program reported that Pres. Bush is working with Canada and Mexico to effectively dissolve US borders as a North American Union (NAU) would be birthed. This NAU could supercede the US Constitution and laws. Indeed, if the USA has no borders, would the Constitution have any jurisdiction any longer? One aspect of this NAU is a new NAFTA superhighway which would convert I-35 and I-29 into transit corridors for trade goods to flow from Mexico to the USA and Canada (bypassing west coast ports and putting more union members out of work). Chinese manufacturing facilities would be built in Mexico so shipping distances would be reduced for trade goods. This would also require vast number of Chinese to relocate to Mexico, the USA and Canada. Frank Gaffney warned the Bush administration already has many working groups determining how to replace current US laws with supranational laws if the NAU is approved. He even indicated that Homeland Security Chief Chertoff has been instructed to act as if the NAU is already in place. If China launches an attack vs. the USA after the NAU is in place, they can move many thousands of Chinese military into North America (disguised as civilians) to openly wage war against the USA when the attack order comes. This possibility is years down the road of course.
Also, don’t forget the foolish spending practices of the US government have resulted in a situation where China is now a primary US lender and owner of treasury debt instruments. This gives China increasing control over US decisions, and could, in a few years, result in Chinese control of US internal and external affairs in ways not now foreseeable or imaginable. For example, what would a US President do if a future Chinese leader said: “Mr. President, we are thinking of dumping a trillion US dollars on the market next week, but we could be persuaded not to do that if you ceded control of all US waterways and superhighways to Chinese companies to operate as toll operations.” China could essential take control of more and more aspects of the USA via ecomonic warfare without having to fire a shot.
Future invaders need not only be Chinese. Why does Hugo Chavez of Venezuela want high-tech weaponry from Iran and why does he need 100,000 AK-47s?  Is this actually paving the way for the preplacement of weaponry in the Western hemisphere for others who will come later? Why are the Chinese building a massive airport in Bermuda and forging links with Latin American nations? What nation really is in the preliminary stages of being encircled?
If China ever wanted to attack us, it would be in their strategic interest to make sure the shrunken US army (as well as National Guard units and reserves) are first deployed in no-win wars overseas so few troops and little equipment is left in the USA to defend the homeland itself. This has already happened. If China were to launch 100s or 1000s of cruise missiles in an opening strike against the few remaining military sites and depots in a weakened USA, China (and its allies) will not need very many troops to quickly occupy large swaths of the US homeland (especially if they can announce that nuclear weapons are pre-placed in American cities and will be detonated if the USA seeks to resist or attack China). If such an event occurred, who would be left to defend the USA? The NRA?
Does this sound like an impossible strategy? I suggest readers examine such books as Unrestricted Warfare by Cols. Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui of the People’s Liberation Army of China (it was never intended to be read in English) and Red Dragon Rising by Edward Timperlake and William Triplett III. China has already openly declared its intention to wage asymmetric war vs. the USA first via economic and monetary warfare (this is already well under way). The military attack is planned only as the last stage of the effort.  Meanwhile, America sleeps. Most of the churches are asleep as well.
Steven Collins
Sioux Falls, SD