Hello Steve,

I have long thought that the “Churches of God” had it wrong with regard to the identities of modern day Ephraim and Manasseh. In other words, they have it ‘back to front’ as it were. Ephraim, the younger son, was prophesied to become a ‘multitude of nations’ and this has been interpreted as Britain, which is but a single nation, coupled with her colonies or ‘tributaries’.


However, in considering the USA we find a “United States” of America or, in other words, a ‘company’ of states or small “nations” which, under federation, make up what has been one of the greatest forces in this world.

Also, as Ephraim was the younger son, the US came to prominence well after Britain (the elder brother) had reached its zenith, so to speak.


I would appreciate your comments on these thoughts.

Ralph Ford


Hello Ralph,
Thanks for your comments re: modern Ephraim and Manasseh. I periodically hear from people who think that the USA is Ephraim and the British nations are Manasseh. As those who have read my books and articles know, I regard the USA as modern Manasseh and the British nations as Ephraim. I see the British nations as fulfilling the prophecy about a “company of nations” because Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are true, sovereign nations recognized as distinct “nations” in the modern world. The USA constitutes only one sovereign nation so it fits the prophecy about Manasseh being one nation in the latter days, in my view. I think the case that the 50 “states” of the USA can be considered “nations” in terms of the Genesis 48:19-20 prophecy is a weak one. No one considers the 50 American states to be sovereign “nations” in the modern world, and the British nations are also divided into provinces or regional governments just like the USA is divided into states.
However, in terms of our respective national destinies in the latter days, it doesn’t matter which of our identifications is the right one. Genesis 49’s prophecy about the tribes of Israel in the latter days doesn’t even mention Ephraim and Manasseh as separate entities, but refers to them jointly as “Joseph.” This indicates that their national destinies are so closely-intertwined that they will share a common culture and destiny in the latter days. The USA and UK have long enjoyed what the world calls “a special relationship” and this fits their prophesied relationship in the latter days.