In light of the present trouble between georgia and russia and this possibly being a prelude to the magog invasion do you believe that the georgians possibly might be of israeli descent?They are in a location inhabited by israelite tribes in the past and the USA and Israel are very friendly with them almost as if they shared a kinship.I’ve noticed from pictures too that they look different then the russians,almost like they could pass for brits,americans or jews.

Dear Alfred,
You make a keen observation. Portions of the ten tribes of Israel lived for over a millennium in the Caucasus Mountian region which includes the modern nation of Georgia. Even more of the ten tribes of Israel migrated through that region as they fled toward Europe from the fallen Parthian Empire in the 3rd century AD. I do believe that the DNA of the migrating ten tribes of Israel lives on in some of the people of Georgia. Given the fact that Scythian, Iberian and Parthian-Armenian dynasties ruled Israelite kingdoms in that region for so many centuries, it is hard to imagine otherwise.
If you have not done so yet, I urge you to read my blog about the geopolitics of the Russian-Georgian conflict which is now posted at the “Gog-Magog blog” portion of my website.