I am fully convinced that the US will be invaded and almost destroyed in the very near future, just as Ezekiel 38-39 foreteells.  I also believe that the Isrealite people in the US are about fed up with our Federal government bullying us and overstepping it’s Constutional athority and are about ready to revolt.  I have a theory, just a theory.  Is it possible that the states do revolt against the Federal government, or the Federal government goes bankrupt or something and ceases to function?  If so, each State would become it’s own smaller nation.  Is it possible that this is going to happen and this is the reason for the Russians and company to think that they can safely come in and take over?  Just a thought.
Mark Mosley  

You pose an interesting alternative theory into what could trigger the eventual invasion by Russia, China, etc. If the USA disintegrated into groups of individual states, it would invite a foreign attack to be sure. However, keep in mind that Genesis 49:22-26’s prophecy about “Joseph” (Ephraim and Manasseh) does not hint at such a break-up of these nations in the latter days. Nevertheless, I’m posting your theory to the website so all readers can consider it as future events unfold.
The federal government has become so big and unwieldy and hopelessly indebted that the states could conceivably call a Constitutional Convention to reign in the federal government, forcibly limit its power and repudiate its debts in a new, revised US Constitution. That is also an extreme possibility, but it is possible. I posted a recent blog about a possible Constitutional Crisis that could result if President Obama continues to have difficulty proving he is a natural-born citizen of the USA. If this issue persists and grows, a Constitutional crisis or a possible repudiation of the federal government’s authority by many US states becomes more possible. The link below (from February) documents that many states are already getting so “fed up” with unconstitutional federal assertions of power that 20 states had already passed (or were considering) “Tenth Amendment” legislative actions to assert their Constitutional powers as states against federal encroachment. I recall seeing a more recent report that 30 states had taken or were considering such action, but I did not save that link. My home state of South Dakota easily passed such a resolution in this year’s session of our Legislature so you can add South Dakota to the list of states growing restive against the federal government’s actions.