January 16, 2008
Steve Collins
The Reuters link below reports that US scientists “have found a way to levitate the very smallest objects using the strange forces of quantum mechanics.” The link, sent to me by a reader, focuses on the applications of this “levitation” breakthrough in nanotechnology usages. However, this technology also could lead to military applications. Earlier blogs at this website have informed readers about the rapid advances in the usages of nanotechnology by the Chinese military. China is reportedly working on a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) using nanotechnology. These Chinese nanoweapons, in theory, could be used to disable targeted military and civilian populations by airbursting innumerable “nanobots” into the atmosphere which would cripple the people who inhaled them–rendering them unable to resist an invasion (you can find these previous blogs in the blog archives).
You can be sure that if US scientists are also working on nanotechnology applications (and they are), military applications of this technology are being explored by the USA. What is even more important in the link below is the fact that US scientists are working on applying the sometimes-bizarre capacities of quantum mechanics to real-world uses. One can also be sure that intensive research is being done to determine how to weaponize these forces of quantum mechanics.
It is my opinion that if it is being openly acknowledged that US scientists can already “levitate” small objects, it is highly likely that the real extent of the technological advances in levitation technology are far more advanced than what is being admitted publicly. Consider a possible usage of levitation technology that could fulfill biblical prophecy.
I Thessalonians 2:1-11 warns about a time just before the “Day of Christ” when a Wicked One (called the “anti-Christ” in other biblical references) will have his own “Coming” (verse 9) which will be accompanied by “the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders (emphasis added).” These signs and wonders are prophesied to deceive the masses who will become victims of a “strong delusion” and the world’s population will “believe a lie.”  This prophecy indicates that some “signs” will truly be energized by occult Satanic powers, but the Bible indicates the “signs” and “lying wonders” are two different categories of actions. The word “lying” comes from the Greek word “pseudos” from which our English word “pseudo-” is derived. This word designates something which is a sham, pretended or counterfeit action of some kind. In other words, the Wicked One will manifest “pseudo-wonders” which aren’t really what they appear to be. They will be “magic tricks” passed off as “Divine manifestations” when they are really the result of physical technologies not apparent to the viewers.
Consider just one possible way that levitation technology could be used to deceive the masses. The Wicked One (or his representatives) could be “levitated” a few feet off the ground in front of a live audience while he gives a speech or various pronouncements. This would also be seen by the nations via satellite and cable TV. The populations of the world, not realizing that the Wicked One (or others) were being lifted up a few feet by invisible high-tech applications of quantum mechanics on or underneath the stage, would “believe the lie” that this pseudo-wonder “proved” God was doing it and putting his stamp of approval on the “Wicked One.” Millions (if not billions) would hail the Wicked One as a Divinely-approved “messiah” even though that belief would be a “strong delusion.”
Consider an already-developed way to “levitate” objects, including very heavy ones. You may be familiar with “mag-lev” technologies via which heavy trains or people movers are “levitated” off their rails via the application of electro-magnetic forces. This technology already exists. If “mag-lev” technology can already “levitate” a heavy passenger train a tiny distance, then perhaps it is no big deal to arrange the “levitation” of a person wearing “mag-lev” shoes positioned above an electromagnetic device located just underneath the stage where the person is standing. Perhaps this technology could also be rigged to make it appear a person stepping off a higher level was being “‘supernaturally” and gently lowered to a lower stage when it was actually a trick made possible by mag-lev technology. All kinds of possibilities exist. I’m sure you can think of other deceptive applications.
In summation, we know quantum-technology “levitation” technology really does exist, and “mag-lev” technology has existed for years. Objects can be “levitated.” That means it is only a matter of time till people can be “levitated” as well. Once mankind reaches tipping points of technological development, Genesis 11:6 asserts that “nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” Perhaps such sophisticated applications are still a few years away. However, they may already be developed in hidden labs and waiting to be used at the right time when a world “messiah” figure emerges on the world scene. Don’t be deceived when (and if) such “lying wonders” occur.
Matthew 24:23-26 also prophesies that these deceptive signs and wonders will occur just before the actual return of Jesus Christ. Matthew 24:27-31 reminds us that the real return of Jesus Christ will see global lightning occurring and Jesus Himself will be seen with “great glory” and accompanying angels.  I Thessalonians 4:16-17 tells us Christ will “descend from heaven” with a shout and the “dead in Christ” (not everyone) will be resurrected and the living faithful will be changed into spirit beings. Neither Satan nor his human servants can do such things. Don’t be deceived by the cheap “pseudo-coming” of the anti-Christ when it occurs.