Once again, we are reaching the latest “deadline” on the Greek-EU talks about solving the Greek debt crisis. There have been so many such “deadlines” in the past that one wonders if a new “deadline” will emerge if the current round of talks is unsuccessful. To date, the financial press and establishment media periodically issue streams of “happy talk” reports which indicate a resolution is imminent…but, so far, any agreement has been elusive. The first three links [1, 2, 3] report that the latest status of the talks indicates the two sides are far apart, and that neither side seems willing to budge any further in its respective position. The impression I’m getting is that Greece cannot do any more in the way of concessions and the EU will not do any more in the way of concessions. The second link notes that Greece has already sent itself into an economic depression just from the concessions it has already made, and that its GNP has been reduced severely as a result of those cuts. It is possible that Greece will default, but the politicians and creditors will contort the situation to not call it a default.

The fourth link details a threat Greece made a few months ago against the rest of Europe if a deal was not reached that Greece could accept. Greece’s Defense and Foreign Ministers warned that if an acceptable deal was not reached, Greece would retaliate by unleashing a wave of illegal immigrants into the rest of the EU nations in Europe. Greece could leave the Eurozone, but stay in the EU community which would allow Greece to be a transit point for illegal immigrants into the rest of the EU nations throughout Europe. Greece is threatening to do exactly that. The Greek warning especially targets Germany for such retaliatory action, and the Greek cabinet ministers specifically threatened to send a wave of immigrants to Berlin. Had you heard about this aspect of the Greek-EU talks? If this development occurs, it could destabilize the entire EU by causing the EU nations to again put up physical barriers and checkpoints at their respective national borders.

The fifth link reports that the European nations are beginning to be flooded with waves of illegal immigrants that they cannot handle, and the sixth link adds that the nations of Europe are beginning to fight amongst themselves about who is going to take or reject the ever-increasing tidal waves of immigrants seeking to flood into Europe. While the desperate efforts of immigrants to reach Italy via flimsy boats and ships launched from Libya are receiving all the media attention, many immigrants are entering Europe overland via the Balkan nations as well. This route is now bringing so many immigrants into Europe that Hungary, a nation on the northern edge of Balkan Europe, is planning on building a 4-meter high fence all across its border with Serbia to stop any more immigrants from entering Hungary (seventh link). As the situation worsens, we can expect more European nations to act unilaterally on this crisis and this will strain the cohesion of the EU as fewer nations will accept EU decisions or directives regarding the immigrant crisis.

As a further indication of how the refugee crisis threatens to destabilize the EU itself, not just the Euro currency zone, Denmark’s recent election had an astounding result. The anti-immigrant, anti-EU Danish party won the election and is in a position to decide who will form the new Danish government (eighth link and ninth link). This election result confirms that at the grassroots level, the people of Europe are increasingly resentful of the dictates and preferences of the bureaucrats in Brussels. Nationalism is reasserting itself. British Prime Minister David Cameron is pledged to soon hold a British referendum on whether the UK should stay in the EU, and scenes like those in the last link (of illegal immigrants trying to steal rides to the UK on lorries from France) will surely persuade more British voters to leave the EU.

This wave of illegal immigrants pouring onto Europe doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. They aren’t just desperate people coming across the Mediterranean Sea from the anarchical zone that was once called Libya. Refugees from throughout the Mideast, North Africa and the horn of Africa have all joined the wave of impoverished people into Europe. One cannot blame the millions of desperate refugees in those regions from trying to escape to a better life in Europe, and one can also not blame the European people for asserting the fact that they cannot handle or accept them all. The crisis has no immediate solution in the offing, and as it worsens, it will pit the European nations against each other. The visa-free passage of people between all EU nations could be a casualty of this crisis.

Who is responsible for the growing immigrant crisis in Europe? I think the answer is easy. It is mostly NATO’s fault. When NATO decided to start an aggressive war against Libya’s Khadaffy and overthrow him, I doubt that NATO’s planners had any idea that it would eventually lead to a tidal wave of desperate refugees from many nations trying to enter Europe from Libya’s now-ungoverned shores. NATO “sowed the wind” with its senseless war vs. Libya, and now it is “reaping the whirlwind.” Khaddafy, for all his eccentricities and checkered past, had moved in the direction of the western nations, was cooperating with the west to suppress Al Qaeda and voluntarily gave up his nuclear program. Under Khadaffy, Libya was at least stable. If he were still in power, this tidal wave of refugees would neither be entering Libya nor leaving Libya’s shores for Europe. So, whoever originated the idea that NATO should go to war to remove Khaddafy from power is responsible for much of Europe’s current and worsening immigrant invasion.

As the internal stresses within the EU and the western coalition increase due to the Greek debt crisis and immigrant crisis, Putin’s Russia simply smiles at what it is seeing. Europe is in the process of gradually losing its cohesion and unity. That makes the European nations an easier target for Russia in any future war, which, as long-time readers of this blog already know, Ezekiel 38-39 foretells is sure to come.

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