We have a new and very real threat of a terrorist attack akin to what happened on 9/11 when airplanes struck the Twin Towers in New York. The two links [1, 2] discuss the fact that 11 or 12 airliners and smaller airplanes that were at Libyan airports have apparently been stolen by terrorist groups since the Libyan nation disintegrated after the overthrow of Libyan strongman, Mohamar Khaddafy. As the first link notes, these airplanes could be turned into flying bombs simply by loading them with fuel and aiming them at a target. The threat is being taken seriously by North African nations, many of which have banned flights into or from Libya. The link lists the types of airplanes which are missing and the list includes several airbuses which have long-range flying ranges. These airbuses could easily reach European targets so the threat of a terrorist repeat of the 9/11 attacks affects many nations. Israel is in easy flying distance of many of these planes so I’m sure the Israelis are watching carefully for any of them to appear on their radar screens as terrorist flying bombs heading toward Israeli targets.

The first link observes that it was President Obama who was significantly responsible for the overthrow of Khadaffy. Why Obama did this and gave aid and comfort to the Islamic Jihadis is beyond me. Khadaffy was no threat to the West, had given up his nuclear program and was cooperating with western nations in suppressing Al Queda when Obama and NATO overthrew him. Given that there was no apparent reason for Obama and the West to overthrow Khadaffy, if stolen Libyan airliners are used by terrorists as flying bombs, a substantial amount of the blame will be on Obama as there would be no missing Libyan airliners if Obama (and NATO) had not bombed the Libyan government and overthrown Khadaffy. The first link also notes the possibility that Egypt may intervene militarily inside Libya to defeat the Islamic Jihadist groups that have now even seized control of Libya’s capital.

I do have a question. Since the collapse of Libya was a very public event and was surely being watched from space-based reconnaissance satellites and surveillance drones, how could so many large aircraft “disappear?” Didn’t anyone in any western intelligence agency remember the 9/11 attacks and realize that there was a need to carefully track all Libyan aircraft due to the likelihood they would be seized by terrorists? The fact that all of them mysteriously managed to go missing without any western intelligence agency noticing where they went raises the possibility of a “false flag” terrorist attack at some point in the future. The western intelligence agencies have apparently all lost the ability to keep track of the world’s aircraft and especially the passenger airliners. They ‘”lost” the missing Malaysian airliner that evaded all intelligence agencies’ radars and satellites as it mysteriously vanished in the southern Indian Ocean in the region of the giant American airbase at Diego Garcia. I wonder where the missing 11 Libyan aircraft are currently located. They could be anywhere. Intelligence agencies from any number of nations may have seized them and had their own pilots fly them to hidden hangars at unnamed airports. A nation-state backing terrorists could have done the same. I find it hard to believe that the defense-conscious Israelis and the Egyptians would have no clue concerning how so large a number of Libyan aircraft simply vanished. Libya isn’t that far from Israel and is next door to Egypt. Libya is just south of the NATO nations of Italy and Greece and within easy range of radars on Malta and Crete. Did all of these nations shut off their radars so none of them would “know” where these missing airliners and airplanes went? It seems everyone in the region agreed to look the other way and allow these Libyan airliners and aircraft to go “missing.”

Unless all these missing Libyan aircraft are still in Libyan hangars at Libyan airports, something seems “fishy” here. But that possibility begs another question: If they are all still at Libyan airports, how could western intelligence agencies all be unaware of that fact? If these Libyan planes are all still at Libyan airports, then they are not “missing.”

It seems the western intelligence agencies can easily monitor all your cell phone calls and your computer activities, but they can’t keep track of large aircraft that are obvious terrorist weapons if they are seized by terrorist groups. Does this make sense to you?

This danger has just been revealed to the world. We’ll have to wait to see if these “missing” airplanes are “found” somewhere at new locations. If all 11 airplanes were used on the same day as terrorist flying bombs to hit major targets in European cities, it could make 9/11 look like a warm-up act. I suggest the Europeans and others in the region keep their radars on and their warplanes ready to shoot down any airplane not on an authorized flight-plan. A warplane could also inspect a plane in the air to see if it was one of the models of aircraft that went “missing.” There is the obvious possibility that these airplanes have been re-painted with new markings and logos. Maybe the terrorists didn’t get these Libyan airplanes. It was the USA and NATO which pulverized Libya and caused the nation to disintegrate. Maybe the CIA or some other western intelligence agency wanted a new batch of airplanes for a new clandestine airline company to conduct secretive missions, and seized them during the chaos. One could put a lot of covert people and cargo on a group of repainted and re-branded airbuses. Something is odd here. If terrorists seized all these airplanes, it means that (A) terrorist Jihadis have a group of highly-skilled airline pilots at their beck and call to fly airliners to new locations on short notice, or (B) the NATO and other Mediterranean nations have radar and satellite controllers who were criminally negligent in letting so many large aircraft go “missing” and unnoticed as they flew to new locations while being easily in range of many radar facilities.

What do you think is the truth about all these “missing” airliners and airplanes?

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