After North Korea’s latest ICBM launch, there is a consensus among analysts that North Korea can now hit most of the US mainland with its latest ICBMs. This brings the USA and North Korea very close to actual warfare. The first link reports the North Korean missile could hit such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver. An AP article by the same authors of the first link included a map showing the Twin Cities in its range as well. That map was in the same AP article published in the Minneapolis¬†Star-Tribune, which had much the same content, but added that Japanese Prime Minister Abe called the new ICBM a “serious and¬† real threat” to his nation’s security. The second link echoes the first link’s assertions. However, the print version counterpart to this USA Today link has somewhat different content from the internet version as well. The print version added that “Boston and New York may be just within [the missile’s] range.” It also stated that President Trump “has said he will not allow North Korea to obtain an ICBM that can deliver a nuclear warhead,” and the print version added that experts have trimmed two years off their estimates of how soon North Korea will have such a nuclear-capable ICBM–now saying it could be as early as “next year.”

Clearly, the nuclear threat from North Korea rises with each new test launch by North Korea. If this continues, at some point it will not be a test. President Trump dare not wait too long to take preemptive military action to stop North Korea’s bizarre leader from making a nuclear attack upon the USA. What seems very clear is that diplomacy and sanctions have had no effect on North Korea’s nuclear program and they will have no effect in the future either. Only military force now seems able to stop a North Korean attack upon the USA. There are indications that military preparations are well underway to implement a military pre-emptive strike.

The third link reports that the USA and its allies are ready to use overwhelming force against North Korea. The fourth link cites an army source that the USA is capable of utterly destroying North Korea (I have no doubt that is true). As if to give North Korea a visual warning that patience with its nuclear/missile programs is over, the US sent two B-1 bombers across the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula escorted by Japanese and South Korean fighter planes (fifth link). This message tells North Korea which three nations are soon going to be attacking North Korea if it persists in its bellicose course of action, but I doubt North Korea will take the message seriously. Previous US presidents have always been weak in their responses to North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, so they expect President Trump will be weak as well. I think North Korea is going to be proven very wrong in that assumption.

One of my previous posts on this subject indicated that many sources have reported that Iran has been assisting North Korea in its nuclear and missile programs. The sixth link reports the US Secretary of State has fingered Russia and China as being North Korea’s “enablers” in its weapons programs. These sources indicate that the USA is well aware that Russia, China and Iran have been helping North Korea behind the scenes to rapidly develop such advanced missile and nuclear technologies. That seems self-evident. How could North Korea, a nation which cannot feed its own people and barely produces any electricity outside the city of Pyongyang, make such high-tech and rapid advances without the help of other high-tech nations? If, God forbid, the worst happens and the North Koreans fire a nuclear-equipped ICBM which takes out a US city in a nuclear blast, the USA has the right to fire nuclear weapons at the nation which fired such a missile and any nations which enabled that nation to fire such a missile. If the USA is convinced that Russia, China and Iran helped North Korea mount a nuclear attack against the USA, then the USA has justification for including targets in those nations for nuclear retaliatory strikes. My own personal view is that China and Iran are particularly guilty of such collusion with North Korea. Media articles sometimes refer to China as North Korea’s “ally.” Do you think that I may be too hawkish in my observation? The final link cites the head of the US Pacific Command, Admiral Scott, that he will nuke China if President Trump gives him the order to do so. Admiral Scott made his statement after a major joint naval exercise between the USA and Australia, and I doubt he would have made such a warlike comment unless he was cleared to do so. The statement was backtracked a bit afterwards, but I’m sure China got the message.

I want readers to comprehend that the world is now closer to a nuclear war than at any time since perhaps the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. The threat is very real. It may be that the only way for such a nuclear exchange to be avoided is for the USA, Japan and South Korea to conduct a pre-emptive strike on North Korea with conventional weapons to eliminate its nuclear and missile capabilities and to end its military capability to make war against its neighbors. It is possible that the USA’s defensive weaponry could nullify a North Korean nuclear-equipped missile before it reached its target in the USA, but that is a chance the USA can hardly take. Also, North Korea has sometimes conducted missile tests in salvos. What if North Korea does not fire just one nuclear-equipped ICBMs at the USA? What if it fires a salvo of four of them at the same time? How many can the US military defenses shoot down?

The Apostle Paul warned in II Timothy 3:1 that “perilous times” would come in the latter days, and Matthew 24:6 cited Jesus Christ as warning “wars and rumors of wars” will characterize the time just previous to his return. While Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies that a final World War III will occur at the very end of the latter day period and that it will be started by a surprise attack by Russia, China and Iran against the western powers, I do not think that we are at that point in time yet. However, the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 does not preclude that there will be preliminary or regional wars between the two rival global alliances before the final great war occurs. The North Korean crisis can not go on indefinitely. North Korea is making rapid progress in its effort to hit the USA with a nuclear missile, and the USA must act well before it attains that ability. We are running out of time.

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