June 13, 2009
Steve Collins
A very important event has happened which has been overlooked by the mainstream media. The first link details this event which hardly anyone thought could ever happen! It reports that the US Congress has issued a subpoena to the Federal Reserve Board for documents as part of a Congressional Committee’s investigation to determine the role played by the Federal Reserve Board in “Bank of America’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch.” This report indicates that the Fed has been taking actions in excess of what is permitted under its charter from the US Congress, and that the reaction of Congress is “perilous for the Fed to ignore.” 
The second link gives more information about the specific Fed actions that the Congress is investigating. This report reveals that the Fed “allegedly pushed for troubling information to be withheld from Bank of America Corp. shareholders about the takeover of Merrill Lynch,” and it also reports that it was Fed Chairman Bernanke and former Treasury Dept. Secretary Paulson who “told” the Bank of America CEO to withhold key information from Bank of America’s shareholders. It further reveals that the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), supervised by the US Treasury Dept., allowed the backdating of key financial reports to mislead investors in the IndyMac Bank failure case (a key OTS officials was fired as a result). The article makes the point that there is a need for a strong Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to prevent financial crimes and misdeeds. However, wasn’t it the SEC that went out of its way to “do nothing” for many years even though an accountant “gift wrapped” evidence to the SEC that Bernie Madoff, the former head of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, was running a vast ponzi scheme (CBS’ “60 Minutes” program did a story on this). Given that the SEC seemed more interested in covering up for Mr. Madoff than protecting investors, it doesn’t seem likely the SEC can be trusted to protect investors in the modern era.  The report also openly states “Bank regulators…aren’t there to watch out for investors.” Of course not! Bank regulators watch out for the banks and money-lenders.
The Central Banks and the Big Banks of global commerce are a key part of the biblically-prophesied “Babylon the Great system” which would exist at the end of our age. This system, foretold in Revelation 18:3 to be an incestuous alliance of global multinational companies (“merchants of the earth”) and political leaders and regulators (the “kings of the earth”) who would collude to enrich their own pockets at the expense of everyone else, is prophesied in Revelation 17:9-18 and Revelation 18 to collapse near the end of this age. The media has reported that the entire system of global finance almost collapsed in September, 2008. That was merely a foreshock of the collapse which will eventually occur, even though we do not know when that will happen. Those who do not realize that the modern banking system was invented in ancient Babylon are invited to see the readily-available evidence for that assertion in my article What Kind of Captivity?, available at the articles menu of this website. After reading that article, you will understand why Revelation 17-18 refer to the modern system of global finance as “Babylon the Great.”
Amazingly, Fed Chairman Bernanke bluntly refused to tell Congress in a recent Congressional Hearing what the Fed is doing with the massive “bail-out” monies. This story is in the third link which includes various comments by Washington power-brokers over the years who have referred to the insiders of what Bible calls the Babylon the Great system. The fourth link includes a blog comment by one respected financial analyst that the Fed would have to be shut down if it were to be audited via its own standards. Amazingly, a Congressional audit of the Federal Reserve Board might actually happen. The fifth link reports that Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed now has 223 co-sponsors, a majority of the US House of Representatives! If the Fed is ever audited by Congress, I would not be surprised if all the paper shredders at the Fed overheated from usage just prior to the beginning of that audit! The sixth link, cited in a recent blog but worth repeating, documents German Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s blunt and open criticism of the US Federal Reserve Board’s policies in the global media.
The US Congress, the German Prime Minister and other world nations and financiers are getting increasingly upset with the shadowy and little-understood Federal Reserve Board. The Fed is not even a US government agency It is a private bank with a federal charter to regulate the US money supply. Fed Chairman Bernanke’s arrogant “no” answer to a Congressional request for information about the supersecret activities of the Fed has led to a Congressional subpoena and may lead to a Congressional audit of the Fed. Bernanke may come to rue the day he arrogantly mocked the US Congress as if he were a monarch speaking to his mere subjects. The numerous congressional co-sponsors of the bill to audit the Fed indicate many in Congress are now convinced the Fed has something to hide. Proverbs 16:18 states: “Pride goes before a destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Fed Chairman Bernanke’s one-word answer (“No”) to Congress displayed much pride and haughtiness toward Congress. Revelation 17-18 prophesies that Babylon the Great’s system (epitomized by the Fed and the world’s big banks) will, indeed, “fall” in the latter days. Even the comics are joining in mocking of the arrogant attitude of the big banks (moneylenders). The final link is recent Doonesbury comic strip mocking the moneylenders.
The Fed should not forget that Congress created the Fed and the Congress can dissolve the Fed whenever it desires to do so by withdrawing its federal charter. If Bernanke and the Fed continue to aggravate and defy Congress, this could happen. If the economy really “tanks,” Congress will be looking for someone to blame for the damage…and Bernanke and the Fed have made Congress angry.
Judges 16:23-31 tells the story of Samson pulling down the temple of Dagon by pushing on (and toppling) the pillars that supported the Temple’s superstructure. The “Money Temple” of the Fed has pillars that support its superstructure. Ron Paul and a majority of the US House of Representatives are now starting to push on one of the Fed’s pillars (the Fed’s power within the USA). German Prime Minister Merkel is pushing on the other pillar (the Fed’s credibility in the world). No doubt, the Fed has made other powerful enemies around the world. Revelation 17:9-16 prophesy that 17 nations (or powerful global entities of some kind) will join forces to topple the power of Babylon the Great’s global money system in the latter days. Recent events indicate that the pressure is starting to increase on the pillars holding up the Federal Reserve Board and Babylon the Great’s global system. Its collapse will be spectacular when it occurs. Read for yourself the intensity of the language in Revelation 17:16 which describes this eventual fall. It will get very ugly! For more specific details about the collapse of Babylon the Great’s system in the future, you are urged to read my article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System?, available at this website.
We are living in historic times!