This blog post is to inform readers of this blog site that I suffered a concussion injury a few weeks ago in a head injury. A CT scan at the ER eliminated the really bad outcomes, but tests confirmed the concussion. The main concussion symptom I have is a loss of balance which requires me to use a cane at times and also to not drive on days the symptom is most pronounced. I also have typical concussion symptoms such as headache, weakness, difficulty in concentrating, etc. Motion makes me experience some vertigo. Obviously, this injury limits the time that I can devote to computer work, and doctors can only guess how long it will take for my body to heal from this injury. This concussion injury is now in addition to the decades-long chronic pains from three severe injuries years ago, tinnitus and the effects of 41 years of PTSD. Thankfully, I can report that there have been several periods of remission from my tinnitus in which it departed completely for a matter of hours (or in one case a half a day). Thank God for that ray of hope!

I’d appreciate it greatly if readers of this blog can take the time to ask our Heavenly Father to heal/restore me fully so that I can write/travel with effectiveness for his purposes. There are two books I’d love to write (one on the pre-Flood world of Noah and the other on how life will change in the millennium, and many articles as well such as A New Biblical Look at UFOs, The New Testament Meaning of Old Testament Holy Days, God’s 7000 Year Plan, What Does the Bible Really Teach about Tithing?, etc.). There is also so much happening in the world that I could be writing blogs almost daily if I had the health to do so. I’d love to be putting a steady stream of new biblically-based material on this website for readers to consider, but it is simply impossible until God grants significant healing/restoration. Indeed, I am under “doctor’s orders” to limit my time at the computer. Therefore, I still lack the time to answer reader’s emailed inquiries. Until significant healing does occur, I will have to limit my activities to posting periodic new blogs as I am able.

In the meantime, I hope readers of this website will recommend this website to their friends and other believers as there is a wealth of information in the articles, books, blogs and speeches at the website which will provide people with some remarkably new perspectives on the Bible and God’s Hand throughout ancient historical times and especially into modern times as his ancient biblical prophecies are fulfilled before our eyes. You can be sure that you will not receive this information in the establishment media.