This post is to inform my readers that I will soon be unable to use my computer or post to my blogs for an unknown period of time. Our region has had severe storms with tornadoes, hail, flooding, etc, and my home has experienced water damage due to a failed sump pump. My car has also been pelted badly with hail, but that would not affect my computer efforts. Many people in this region of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota have it worse than me. This water problem affects my office and my computer components and desk will be among the many items disassembled and moved to allow for water remediation efforts to begin. The companies that provide that service are backed up due to thousands of claims so I don’t know when the remediation efforts will begin or how long they will take. As many readers know, I have lived on a disability for decades due to a freak accident caused by circumstances beyond my control. The injuries leave me unable to do what I’d like to do to move and disassemble things to help the repair efforts. I especially need prayers for pain relief in my back, neck and shoulders, and I’d appreciate prayers for healing of tinnitus as well (I’ll bet some readers also suffer from this constant ringing in the ears problem). Thank you very much for your prayers and for your interest in my website’s efforts!