my name is Lior Immanuel.

I started up a Jewish radio Station called RadioJudea.

JudeEntertainment has had Radio shows in Switzerland and is now expanding to different countries in Europe.

We are building an online radio/media portal and discussion forum.

Our goal is to minimize global Antisemitism and educate people about Israel.
We are also working on Jewish Entertainment programms and reaching out to many both Jewish and non Jewish listeners.

I heard your interview on another radiostation and would like to compliment you. I found your Interview very interesting and I am sure it would be of interest to our listeners.
Warm regards,
Lior Immanuel.
Radio Judea-


Dear Lior,
Thank you for your positive comments on my radio interview with Tamar Yonah and I also congratulate you on your efforts to combat anti-Semitism. If the many people in the modern world who are descended from the ten tribes realized their heritage and origin, it would do much to enable them to see that the Jews/Israelis are a “brother tribe” from the original twelve tribes of Israel who descended from Jacob.
You certainly have my permission to pass on the link of my radio interview to anyone or air my interview on your own radio network. However, for copyright reasons, I suggest that you also contact Tamar Yonah at www.israelnationalradio.com to be sure it is acceptable to her and her radio network to re-run the interview on your station.  If you ever wish to do so, I’d be happy to do an interview on your radio station as well.