Steven M. Collins
June 5, 2007
Columnist Charles R. Smith penned an article entitled “China is U.S’ Greatest Threat” on May 29th. The article, available at, offers one of the most graphic warnings yet about the warlike intentions of Communist China. Mr. Smith cites abundant evidence from a new Pentagon report that China is rapidly building as many modern nuclear and conventional weapons as possible to prepare for a future war against the USA. After citing China’s deployment of several new types of land-based and sea-based nuclear missiles, Mr Smith also adds that “…the pace and capability of Chinese conventional weapons is breathtaking.” Consider just a few of his observations in the following bullet points:
A. China is building “precision strike Short Range Ballistic Missiles.” It has 900 short range missiles and is adding “100 [such] missiles per year.”
B. “The JL-2 [nuclear sea-launched missile] can strike any city inside the U.S. homeland if fired from within 1000 miles of the U.S. Coast.”
C. “China is also acquiring large numbers of Medium-Range Ballistic Missiles.”
D. “China has developed a new series of Land-Attack Cruise Missiles and air-launched cruise missiles.”
E. “China is fielding large numbers of anti-radiation weapons designed to home in and destroy radar sites.”
F. “China’s recent test of an anti-satellite weapon ‘puts at risk.the assets of all space faring nations.'”
For a full discussion of the above Chinese weapons programs, readers are urged to check out Mr. Smith’s entire column posted at His archived columns are well worth examining as well.
Mr. Smith adds that China has been caught building large-scale mock-ups of “a submarine base, a facility…[on] the Sino-Indian border and a Taiwan airfield.” Why would China be building replicas of targets in other nations unless it was preparing to attack them? Mr. Smith specifically cites China’s territorial claim to India’s state of Arunachal Pradesh and he cites historical evidence that China has a track record of striking first against other nations in its recent wars. Given China’s very rapid military build-up, the obvious conclusion is that China is preparing for war again.
The Pentagon Report also cites China’s continuing “war of espionage against America and her allies,” and cites “China’s aggressive and wide-ranging espionage as the leading threat to U.S. technology.” It should also be pointed out that the relocation of many American manufacturing facilities (many of them making high-tech products) to Chinese soil is making China’s espionage efforts much easier!
Mr. Smith’s conclusion is “that China is the leading threat to America–now and into the future. The current U.S./China trade imbalance is financing a war machine aimed directly at us.” Isn’t this ironic? Who is facilitating China’s military build-up aimed at the USA? It is the US Government (which has allowed much of America’s manufacturing base to move to China), US corporations (which moved their facilities to China in search of cheap labor to benefit their short-term bottom lines) and the USA’s own people (who demand and expect cheap prices on all kinds of merchandise). As the character “Pogo” said once, “we have met the enemy and he is us.” Unless America’s government, corporations and people make some radical course corrections vis a vis China, China’s military position against the USA will grow more advantageous with every passing year!
As readers no doubt have also noticed, the G-8 nations are meeting again and President Bush is having some tense exchanges with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over planned deployment of a few American anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe. As I heard on a news program today, President Bush is stressing to President Putin that the American missiles pose no threat to Russia because they are defensive in nature and only limited to a few batteries which could intercept Iranian missiles aimed at Europe. President Bush’s assertion seems logical enough to me. Its not as if the USA was installing hundreds of offensive missiles in Eastern Europe and aiming them at Russia (which is exactly what China has done toward Taiwan!).  Nevertheless, an angry Vladimir Putin has threatened to again target Russia’s nuclear missiles at European (and presumably, American) cities and targets again because of this American action. It sounds to me like Russia is seeking an excuse to re-start the Cold War, re-aim its nuclear missiles at the Western nations and a justification for its own militarization program. It also seems that President Bush (and many in the Western world) are in a deep state of denial re: the fact that Russia, China and Iran are not only re-launching the Cold War, they are rapidly preparing for a “Hot War” in the years ahead of us. When will the leaders and people of Western nations “wake up and smell the coffee?”
Oh yes! Iran’s President made yet another bellicose threat to the effect that the Israeli nation’s days are numbered. Given Iran’s several threats against the existence of the Jewish State even as Iran is developing nuclear weapons, Israel certainly has every justification to launch a preventive military strike against Iran to stop them from developing such “nukes.”
We are living in dangerous times. The apostle Paul prophesied in II Timothy 3:1: “This know also, that in the last days perilous [dangerous] times shall come.” Ezekiel 38 warns that the ultimate peril at the very end of our age will be an attack by Russia, China and Iran against the nations of the modern Western world (led by the nations descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel which were prophesied in Hosea 1:10 to eventually grow into very large and powerful nations after their exile from the ancient Promised Land). The prophesies of Paul and Ezekiel are “right on the money.” Paul’s prophesy is being fulfilled all around us right now and for many reasons (warfare, climate threats, the threat of WMD in the hands of terrorists, plague and pandemic possibilities, water and food shortages, etc.). Ezekiel’s prophecy is heading rapidly toward fulfillment and it will be fulfilled in a future year (I don’t set dates!). God has given his guarantee that Russia, China and Iran will launch their surprise attack against a sinful Western world (which has forgotten him) at a time of his choosing. God has already shaped the world’s alliances to fulfill perfectly what was foretold in Ezekiel 38, and Russia, China and Iran are militarizing quickly to fulfill their prophesied roles as the aggressive attackers in World War III. Strangely, the lethargy and torpor of the Western World in recognizing the obvious danger and their refusal to prepare for it also fulfills their prophesied roles as the gullible nations who actually will be “surprised” when the attack comes.