It was originally my intention to post on a separate topic involving global geopolitics, but I came across a column in a newspaper that will mean a great deal to everyone who reads my posts, so I decided to post on this timely link. Obviously, everyone on the planet is threatened by the covid variants and everyone wants to avoid or lessen a covid infection. The first link below is to a column written by a Medical Doctor and it was featured in the December 28, 2021 issue of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  That newspaper is a Leftist paper which is solidly a part of the mainstream media, so I found it remarkable that this column was featured in it. This tells me that even Leftists are getting sick and tired of covid infections, lock downs, endless changes in policy by the CDC and the health care “experts.”

The column points out that there is a very inexpensive and effective way to boost your immune system to either ward off or lessen the effects of a covid infection. To access the article, you may be asked to provide an email address. If so, it is well worth it to gain access to this article. It could literally save your life.

This newspaper column was written by Dr. Gregory Plotnikoff, a Minnesota physician, and it is entitled “What more can you do? Take your vitamin D.” Dr, Plotnikoff cites medical studies showing that having heightened levels of vitamin D in your body increases your immune system’s ability to resist covid (and any other pathogen). He states what has been obvious to many since the covid pandemic began: That human immune systems cannot manufacture vitamin D and that our bodies make it via exposure to sunlight in summertime. In winter, we cannot manufacture vitamin D so humans naturally develop weakened immune systems during winter months unless they are taking vitamin D supplementation. He notes that people of color are especially vulnerable to vitamin D deficiency. His column documents that “severe vitamin D deficiency” has been linked to increased “intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and hospital mortality” due to covid infections. His column also cites former Surgeon General of the USA, Richard Carmona, as calling for “early and aggressive supplementation” of vitamin D to “save thousands of lives.” Did you ever see that quote in the mainstream media before it appeared in the column listed below?

Correcting vitamin and nutritional deficiencies has long been known to be an easy and cheap way to combat a variety of serious maladies that used to plague mankind. Scurvy used to cause numerous deaths among sailors on long-distance voyages until it was discovered that foods rich in vitamin C both prevented and successfully treated scurvy. The second link describes how millions of sailors suffered horribly and died of scurvy on long voyages, and how a cure was finally found simply by changing sailors’ diets. The British navy especially stocked ships’ food stores with vitamin-C rich foods which led to the British sailors being called “limeys.” Eating the right foods ended the scurvy plague. Beriberi used to be a serious disease which affecting many people until it was discovered that eating foods rich in vitamin B complex both prevented and treated the disease (third link). A wide swath of American states used to be called “the goiter belt”  because thyroid problems and goiters were so common (fourth link). When it was finally discovered that such thyroid diseases were caused by iodine deficiency, iodine was commonly added to table salt and the thyroid problems have all but disappeared.

The column in the first link now makes it clear that Covid and various other diseases are caused by a chronic deficiency in vitamin D causing wholesale weakening of human immune systems. I think it is obvious we have seasonal flus in wintertime because people are indoors and their skin manufactures little or no vitamin D. Peoples’ immune systems strengthen quickly when they get out in the sun when Spring comes. Just as taking in greater amounts of vitamins C, B and iodine cured once-common diseases, taking supplemental vitamin D can greatly lessen the effects of covid infections and save lives. If all humanity had been advised to simply take extra vitamin D supplements when the covid pandemic began, who knows how many thousands of lives would have been saved globally? Dr. Plotnikoff closes his column with this statement: “No Minnesotan can make vitamin D from the sun until at least next April. This winter, please take your vitamin D.” This advice applies to all of us living in cold climates during winter.

On a personal note, I will mention that I routinely take extra vitamin D each winter and have been doing so for decades. As Covid emerged as a global threat, I added daily vitamin C and zinc supplementation as well. When I tested positive for Covid earlier this month, it was a fairly minor event. A case of bronchitis I contracted at the same time has proven to be a much greater vexation. In my Covid experience, x-rays showed my lungs were clear and my fever and sore throat left within a few days. I credit my intake of daily vitamin D, C and zinc supplements with strengthening my immune system to fight off the Covid infection rather quickly.

The global Covid pandemic certainly fulfills the prophecy in Matthew 24:7 that “pestilences” will characterize the latter days of our age. For a full discussion of the biblical evidence that we are living in the prophesied climactic latter days of our age, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?

Please heed the warning of Dr. Plotnikoff. To help ward off Covid or lessen its effects, please take your vitamin D.