The first two links [1, 2] below offer evidence that in secret labs around the world, mankind is drawing ever-closer to developing actual “cloaking” technologies that render objects or people invisible to the naked eye. The links reveal that scientists have made a major step forward by adapting the “metamaterials” that make invisibility possible into a flexible material instead of the rigid materials that were previously acknowledged.

This technology has many possible strategic usages. If a nation can “cloak” people and weaponry, it will give that nation an immense advantage in moving its soldiers and equipment on a battlefield. Think of how spy agencies could use this technology to infiltrate people, monitoring devices, cameras, etc. into strategic locations. Nations or corporations could use this technology to infiltrate “cloaked” intelligence operatives into boardrooms and secret locations where the leaders of other nations and corporations discuss sensitive matters unaware that they are being observed and monitored.

In previous blog posts, I have discussed how such an “invisibility” technology could be used to also fulfill biblical prophecies in terms of faking miracles by having cloaked objects or people appear and disappear in front of people to simulate an angelic visitation, for example.  II Thessalonians 2:8-11 prophesies that the “son of perdition” (also called the antichrist or “man of sin” in other prophecies) will deceive the latter-day masses via the use of “lying wonders” (deceitful deeds that are not what they appear to be). The Greek word translated “lying” is “pseudos” from which we get the English prefix “pseudo” to describe something which isn’t the real thing. High-tech tricks using invisibility technology could easily be used to deceive the masses in all nations in the years ahead of us. Indeed, Jesus Christ warned in Matthew 24:23-25 that the deceitfulness of the end-times would be so great that even the “very elect” would be deceived “if it were possible” (which infers it is not possible for the “very elect” to be deceived).

In the future, if you witness events which seem to be miracles, keep these biblical warnings in mind. Some “miracles” done in the latter days will be high-tech tricks and nothing more. Invisibility technology would be an ideal tool in the hands of the “son of perdition” to dupe the nations into thinking he is God or that he is divinely-inspired to do miracles. The third link below was cited in one of my earlier blog posts about invisibility technology, and I enclose it for your information. You may wish to check out the blog archives at this website to read my previous blog posts on this subject.

Mankind once imagined that it could fly and the scoffers said it would never be done. Mankind built flying machines anyway. Mankind then imagined that it would go to the moon and the scoffers said it was impossible. Mankind went to the moon decades ago with vacuum-tube technology. Mankind imagined invisibility technology in the popular “Star-Trek” movies and the scoffers said it was impossible to ever do. Mankind is now doing it. Genesis 11:6 cites God himself as saying that when mankind reaches certain tipping points of knowledge development, that “nothing will be restrained from them that they have imagined to do.” I think we passed such a tipping point some time ago.

Mankind is now well along the way to developing and deploying invisibility technology. Indeed, I think it is almost certain that this invisibility technology is much further along in its development status than any nation or corporation working on the project would ever reveal. Strong evidence supporting this statement is found in the last link. It is a media report that three years ago the British army actually demonstrated that it could conceal an army tank in an invisibility cloak. If military services could do that feat three years ago, imagine what they have progressed into doing now that they are not yet revealing or acknowledging!

I noticed this recent story while watching the BBC news on PBS, and an alert reader found and sent me the second link. If any readers notice reports about invisibility or cloaking technologies, please send them to me at this website. This is a very important development.,2933,306678,00.html