This post represents a first for my blog; it features a guest post by Phil Gutteridge, a former British military officer with a distinguished career. He stood for election to the British House of Commons in 2001 and is still active in politics. He is also a successful private businessman, running one of the last medical supply companies still manufacturing its products in the United Kingdom. He is a reader of my blog and has read my books. He is well-versed on the modern locations of Ephraim and Manasseh in the modern world. Through exchanged emails over months, we have found each other to be like-minded and I am honored to call him my friend.
To give further detail, Phil started his adult career at sea in 1973 with Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd and rose to the rank of second officer before enjoying a voyage full of adventure and near fatal catastrophes in early 1979. During the trip in question he was active in disrupting Russian and East German efforts to locate British and US submarines and was monitored the following day by a Russian Bear reconnaissance aircraft. He was accepted for admittance to Sandhurst, the British military academy,  but his career was cut short when he developed a severe type of pneumonia in both lungs. After obtaining his college degree, he built and still runs his medical-supply business. He was an early Brexiteer when he ran for a seat in parliament on a platform calling for the United Kingdom to leave the EU. He was not then elected, but his goal proved to be visionary when the UK finally did leave the EU via the Brexit process. He is married and has two children, a son and a daughter. His business allows little time for hobbies, but he enjoys sailing, diving, flying, fishing, shooting sports and paragliding. Enjoy his guest post which follows!
Steve Collins

Climate change: Hot or Cold?

Let no man deceive you

By Phil Gutteridge

I often use a New Testament publication that many will have heard of; The Pure Word. It can be slightly more difficult to read than a modern translation of say, The New King James or Revised Standard Versions as it is, as far as I can ascertain readily, the only hermeneutics based monadic Greek to English translation. Nevertheless, when used with a faithful English language translation it can add a surprising level of depth to the New Testament scriptures. The first link, gives more detail.
In Matthew 24:3, when asked about the signs of His imminent coming and the end of Satan’s world our Saviour warns us (I quote from The Pure Word), in His first statement of reply Matt 24:4 “You must see that no man might by your choice deceive you”.
This is a single statement by itself in this most accurate of translations. He goes on to point out the various major concerns and horrors that will ensue but the statement about avoiding deception is made by itself. To me it suggests that we need to question pretty much everything of major consequence happening in the world today. The Disciples referred to it as the end of Satan’s world and we know that Satan is the great deceiver and will doubtless up the ante as the final conflict draws ever nearer. In fact, in the very next verse, He warns in v 5 “Because many shall come in My Name, saying, I Am, the Christ, and many by their choice shall be deceived”. Who is the Christ? Answer, Our Saviour! The most obvious context is His role of ‘The Saviour of mankind’. In its deepest sense this is spiritual and indeed Holy Spirit inspired but saviour of mankind – saviour from space junk, saviour from climate change, saviour from the destruction of the ‘biosphere’, saviour from some virus or other. All these latter mentioned competitors for our attention have one or more people of human organisations purporting to be trying to save us. We have one true Saviour and we need to be aware of the deceptions being wrought upon by us by more hostile spirits (Ephesians 2:2).
Have you noticed how in recent times we are bombarded with remarks from politicians, select scientists, cute faced adolescent girls and the mainstream media with highly emotive desk thumping statements based on how little time we have left to save the world – from climate change? Similarly, notice that this most complex of subjects is simplified in order to blame mankind for daring to keep his increased population warm and mobile. In fact, Genesis 49:25-26 goes into some detail to assure us that the descendants of The Patriarch Jacob would be blessed (not cursed) with blessings from the land, the seas and even under the sea! Anyone who has sailed across the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea will be acutely aware that the main blessing from under the sea is oil and gas – the butt of all COP26 endeavours to preclude from our use.
As knowledge has increased in these latter days, this blessing has been at least partly realised by our ability to access oil and natural gas and coal from beneath the land and sea. The last few decades are the only ones in recorded history where man has had the technical knowledge and capability to reach and exploit these blessings. To me, this represents a further practical example of how knowledge shall increase and how Joseph will be blessed in the latter days as foretold by Patriarch Jacob in Genesis 49. Perhaps we should spend a little more time thanking God for His blessings rather than throwing them back in His face at national and international levels.
With this in mind I decided to look into climate change in a little more than superficial depth and question the science behind the seeming propaganda. From the outset, it should be emphasised that this is an incredibly deep and complex subject but the links supplied should hopefully give most interested readers cause to question the accepted narrative and I have supplied links to more numerous informative sites than space permits here for those who would like to launch a study on the subject in a more questioning depth.
How have we been deceived?
The second link is quite disturbing in that it purports to expose various email exchanges between people who control much of the narrative on climate change for the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) at the academic and research level. If these publications are correct, it demonstrates just how we have arrived at this sorry state of affairs with critical data being totally destroyed deliberately and model inputs since WW2 arbitrarily changed so that they better mask the reality of what is being observed in the real world. Any undergraduate would be kicked out of any self respecting university for twisting data like this.
The third link is from a website owned by a scientist from Kansas who states that he has no axe to grind on climate change save that scientific principles and observed data underpinning it are observed in the development and subsequent investigations of theories. Compare and contrast with the contents of the second link. Some of the later graphs, let’s be diplomatic, challenge the current narrative in that they reflect observed data from scientific research which demonstrate that actually, CO2 levels follow a cyclic rise in solar heating activity – rather than the warming being led by CO2.
The fourth link is from a speech by a renowned, highly respected American scientist, William Happer. William Happer is a physicist with over 200 published peer-reviewed scientific papers. He is the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at Princeton University, and has also worked for the U.S. government on two separate occasions. This short speech includes a detailed account of how the Sun’s heat is dealt with by the Earth and just as importantly why CO2 level increases would actually be better for the vegetation of the world and agricultural production while having zero impact on global temperatures. In this assertion, he strongly agrees with Dr. Patrick Moore – a co-founder of Greenpeace (which he left when it was overtaken by left leaning activists who had a somewhat different agenda to his noble efforts to save whales and clean up the seas). A link to some of his work can be found at the bottom of this post and is well worth reading.
Let’s look at some of the mechanisms that the plethora of climate activists have used to win over those prepared to acquiesce to the deceiving narrative. The fifth link is an interesting account of what really lies behind this particular ‘saviour’ of mankind. In the U.K. in 2019, a senior politician, the Environment Secretary and subsequently Minister for The Cabinet Office, Michael Gove, attended a rally hosted by Greta Thunberg and in response said:
“Thanks to the leadership of Greta and others, it has become inescapable that we have to act.
Greta, your voice has been heard and we are all responsible for making sure that we listen and we respond and that we change.” Sixth link
Clearly, this particular crusade is having its effect as the U.K. Government’s own website (above) confirms. To whose benefit is another question altogether. Estimated at trillions of dollars of tax payers’ money per nation, this surely qualifies as ‘the mother of all anti-poverty schemes’ for those pulling the strings.
Mr. Gove isn’t the only U.K. politician queuing up to jump on the populist bandwagon. The sixth link to my mind, illustrates the depths to which much of western politics has sunk. When senior politicians of any nation, let alone those claiming to be leaders and example setters in the free world are reduced to this kind of juvenile theatre to the exclusion of serious debate, I think we can be sure that Isa 3:4,12 (first part) is a state of affairs upon us. Prov 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish.
Professor Happer is likely to be proven correct when he likens this climate scare programme to a crusade and equally right when he points out how they usually end. As I mentioned at the outset, climate is a particularly complex subject and few models are robust enough to consistently deliver results commensurate with scientifically observed data from multiple sources. Those that do correspond with observed data are substantially included in the scientific links above and referred to in the links at the bottom of this post. The narrative being foisted on us isn’t. A number of mathematicians and climatologists at odds with official ‘thinking’ claim that the preferred model is a closed iteration that can only throw out answers showing a rise in temperatures and which are overly simplistic and incapable of truly representing the real situation. In short, it feeds on its own answers.
There is much debate (out of the public gaze) between climate scientists about what is likely to happen to the Earth’s climate over the coming decades but most outside the politically preferred narrative agree that we are likely to enter a new cold period – even another mini ice age on a par with that of the late 1600s early 1700s as the sun’s magnetic activity subsides even further into a less active cycle. The next solar cycle – SC25, has been forecast by NASA as likely to be the least active for 200 years and if so, will probably result in a degree of unprecedented cold for several decades. By way of an example, at the end of the last one such period which is generally considered to have lasted from 1645 to 1715, 1709 saw a three month period where the cold was so intense that animals in Britain and particularly France, died standing on their feet, birds fell dead from the sky and there was a massive crop failure. It set the English/British economy back some 10% (somewhat like Covid 19 but four times faster and killed a lot more people from a much smaller population).
A feature of low solar activity seems to be a change in track of the jet stream. Typically it meanders in a generally west to east direction. However during periods when lower solar activity is prevalent the meandering becomes more wave like with turning points at higher and lower latitudes – known as meridional. This means that living in one place, you might be enjoying beautiful warm weather as air flows are brought up from more tropical regions. Some miles to the east another community could be enduring fairly extreme cold. The situation typically reverses quite quickly in response to shifts in the jet stream.
The problem with this is that agricultural vegetation cannot cope with these sudden swings in temperature and ensuing weather conditions. The result – famine – on a global scale. Additionally, far more people die from cold than heat. The eighth link explains this in more detail. Additionally, these periods of much colder climate – a perfectly natural cycle in themselves, have marked major turning points in history – probably due to crop failure or reduced yields and an inability to cope with adverse changes impacting on infrastructure and logistics. This has begun to happen across much of the western United States and Western Europe is likely to experience similar reduced yields this year at least. In France, the vineyards have been decimated by the protracted cold and effective absence of spring in 2021. The same applies to the vegetable crops in the U.K. complement this with the sudden advent of ‘supply chain issues’ and the stage is potentially set for increasingly empty shelves.
Certain notable politicians made the forecast in the early 2000s that by now the waterfront in New York City would be underwater due to the melting of the polar ice caps. In fact, had Mr Gore’s predictions been anything like correct, we should by now, be a planet without an ice cap in the north – see final link. Yet what we do witness, as covered by the Electroverse website and other links provided below, is ice gaining at the poles in record amounts. I find it difficult to equate that observable and measurable fact with super computer modelling that has been so consistently wrong. The models are one of inaccurate, insufficiently sophisticated and/or loaded with erroneous data.
The truth is that climate is immensely complex and yet provably cyclic and within that cyclic profile we are by most reasonable measures due for at least a period of cooling if not a multi-decade mini ice age.
Two things to leave you with:
Does the idea of political, social and demographic discord remind anyone of some of the prophecies relating to the end times/last days? What about famine and disease and death induced by the opening of the first four seals in the Book of Revelation let alone the emphasis placed by The Almighty on the deception that we would all be subject to. Could it be cold that triggers these upheavals and the heat propaganda is a sucker punch?
What about the mention of men being scorched in Rev 16 is a question I have been asked? There are in turn two aspects to this also.
Firstly, we are at that point in Revelation 16 of the time of God’s wrath. Well and truly into the time when He is claiming what is His. This is the fourth vial of the seventh trumpet of the seventh seal that was sounded in Revelation 11. In fact, if you take the linear timescale approach to the Book, Christ has already returned back in Revelation 14:1
Secondly, and not widely realised, is that if God uses natural measures to bring the world to its senses, there is another factor at work co-existing with the climate cycle and that is a significant shift in the Earths magnetic strength and position. The magnetic North Pole is now shifting across the Arctic Ocean at some 45km or roughly 30 miles per year. When I navigated ships, the pole moved a few minutes of arc each year around it’s general location in Northern Canada. Why has it suddenly shot off in a linear direction towards northern Russia? Additionally, the Earth’s magnetic field strength is weakening at a phenomenal rate and this is letting more solar and cosmic radiation deeper into the atmosphere. Have we heard this in the main stream news outlets? It’s unlikely you have even heard of it unless you dig it out in the more scientific publications. Some of the scientific links at the bottom of this article at least touch on the subject.
In itself, it is probably a subject for another time but in essence, there are theories that this harmful to humans cosmic radiation will cause serious problems for human health and also interact with the crystalline structures of the Earth’s geological composition and trigger increases in volcanic and seismic activity as well as leave the auroras (northern and southern lights) visible much nearer to the equator. Interestingly, the deeper into the Earth’s atmosphere they penetrate, the more their colour changes from the typical green to a pink/purple colour. This has already been observed more recently. Pole shift might also explain why every mountain will be levelled and every island moved from its place. However, that is a sister subject for another day.
Question everything.
Other links which may be of interest:
This link covers work carried out by Professor Valentina Zharkova and the underhand response of the Main Street climate orthodoxy.
A potentially very important scientific paper published in the Astrophysical Journal in 2011 (volume 795 Number 1).
A scientist who refused to be intimidated by the ‘scientific’ establishment.
Habibullo Abdussamatov’s work suggests that the coming (already started) Grand Solar Minimum, which he believes could be worse than the Dalton Minimum in the 1800’s, could lead to serious economic, social, demographic and political consequences.
Dr. Patrick Moore (Ex Co-Founder of Greenpeace) believes that we need more CO2, not less and explains why. Interestingly, people have been led unwittingly into fears about CO2 at 400 parts per million ,ppm, in our atmosphere. [Aside] A nautical friend of mine recently suggested that the CO2 levels on US nuclear submarines is around 8000ppm and is not regarded as a problem