At the very end of the year 2014, the CIA admitted that many of the UFO sightings in the 1950s period were generated by secret flights of the US military’s own U-2 spy plane (see first link and second link). The first link indicates the U-2 spy plane program apparently generated some UFO reports as late as 1974 even though by then the U-2 program had become known to the world. No doubt, other UFO sightings were generated by other secret US military warplane programs such as the more-advanced SR-71 Blackbird spy plane and the Stealth Fighter deployed in the First Persian Gulf War. Who knows what other secret warplane projects have generated lots of UFO sightings over the years? The third link¬†offers information about a possible secret US military aircraft called the “Aurora” which can reportedly travel up to six times the speed of sound. At a speed that great, any such plane would seem to “disappear” quickly from the view of any observer on the ground. Other nations besides the USA may be testing secret military aircraft as well.

While not specifically stated in the links, now that it has been admitted that many UFOs were actually sightings of secret US warplanes, the CIA’s admission is tantamount to a confession the US government was lying about the cause of UFO sightings for many years due to national security reasons. That same logic would apply to any “black” project test models being tested or flown today.

This report especially caught my eye due to a personal connection to an early UFO sighting that turned out to be the U-2. A former US military pilot confided to me decades ago a personal experience he had in the 1950s. He was flying an American warplane in the airspace of NATO-ally Turkey in the 1950s during the Cold War on a routine mission. He told me he was flying around 25-30,000 feet high when he looked upward at the sky above him and saw an airplane far higher than his aircraft and directly overhead flying toward Russia. He reported the sighting to his superior officers when he landed and was soon ushered into a meeting with command-level officers who told him to “forget” he had ever seen it. It was surely a U-2 spy plane. The world found out about the U-2 flights over Russia when the Russians shot one down in 1960 and captured the pilot (fourth link). After that date, the U-2 program was no longer a secret.

One cannot help but wonder what hush-hush “black” projects exist today that are being kept secret for now, but which are generating periodic UFO reports when they are seen by the public. We can only guess, but I’d be willing to bet that there is more than one secret airplane being the source of some current UFO sightings. I also suspect that some of these secret craft are no longer technically traditional “airplanes” (with standard wings, jet engines, etc.), but are aerial vehicles with new kinds of technologies and propulsion methods. A prophecy in Revelation 13:1-4 is the basis for my viewpoints. Verse 4 prophesies that when the final human governmental system, called the “beast,” takes power in the latter days, it will apparently unveil new and unexpected weapons systems that nations and peoples all over the world will marvel at. The world is prophesied to say in reaction to the Beast’s ascent to power: “Who is able to make war with him?” That statement clearly indicates that the Beast power will unveil new high-tech weaponry to intimidate the nations into submitting to his rule. Some of those secret weapons systems may be generating UFO reports already.