I recently learned about the lost ten tribes of Israel through the Church of God which was started by the late Herbert W. Armstrong and I have been looking for a source that’s not associated with this Body for additional witness supporting the idea’s expressed in Mr. Armstrong’s books and writings concerning this subject. If your research came by means not related in any way I would be much appreciative to know this because my spirit bears witness with it but even the scriptures insist that truth should be established in the mouth of two or more witnesses.

 This insight and how it traces back to the British Isles and America has changed the way I understand the entire Bible and brought it into focus like nothing ever has.Despite the desire by many “christian” groups I’ve associated with in my 23 yrs. walk with the Messiah, to dismiss the Jewish “nonbelievers” I have personally always felt A special kinship with the people of Jewish descent and have recognized in the Bible that the Gentiles were grafted in to their vine.
 Now I see this kinship in a whole new light. I have a close Jewish friend who unfortunately holds the position of an “Athiest” and I would love to show Him both of these witnesses,separate and distinct if indeed they are.

Thank you sincerely for your time, shalom,
Donn Hutchins
Dear Donn,
I’m delighted that you have gained insights into the true history of the ten tribes of Israel. Your point about needing “two or more witnesses” to confirm the truth about a matter is a good one. I wasn’t sure from your email if you have read my 4-book series on the history of the ten tribes of Israel. My books contain a vast amount of historical information on the history of the ten tribes from a wide variety of secular and religious sources. I hate to sound like a salesman, but if you read my books, you will see the abundant and diverse evidence you are looking for with your own eyes. My books have copious chapter end notes and a full bibliography so you can even duplicate the research if you wish.
I share with you a sense of special kinship with the Jewish people. When one realizes that the Jews are a brother tribe in the larger family of nations descended from Jacob, it is hard not to have such a viewpoint. If you would like to examine considerable evidence about the ten tribes of Israel from an Orthodox Jewish perspective, I suggest you visit the website of Yair Davidy, who has authored a number of books on the subject of the ten tribes. Our views on the subject are generally in agreement although we do have some differences of opinion re: the identifications of some of the tribes of Israel in the modern world. Yair is also a friend of mine as we spent much of a week in Israel together in August, 2000. His website is: www.britam.org.