There are reports that China will soon be sending its army troops to Iran and other Mideast locations to protect China’s allies and guard its access to oil and raw materials (see first link). The article cites the “growing cooperation between China and Iran in energy and trade…[and] increased military cooperation.” Future steps include having a Chinese naval outpost on one of Iran’s Persian Gulf islands. When/if this happens, China will be in a position to pour its cruise missiles into such an outpost and be able to choke off all oil tanker shipments to the West. China is already building a seaport at Gwadar, Pakistan and is expected to “develop [other] commercial seaports that also can handle Chinese warships.”

In the great game of geopolitics, China is flexing its muscles and it intends to “play to win.” Pakistan is called an ally of the USA in the war on terrorism, but Pakistan also realizes (I think) that the USA will not need Pakistan as an ally whenever U.S. troops leave Afghanistan and the USA doesn’t need a land route via Pakistan to supply its troops. No doubt, China has pointed this out to Pakistan. China is a long-time ally of Pakistan against their mutual rival, India.

India is clearly threatened by China’s plans to build seaports for Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean region. India wants to keep the “Indian” Ocean “Indian,” and not have it host Chinese military bases. The March-April, 2009 issue of Foreign Affairs, the bi-monthly publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) had an in-depth article on the growing Chinese-Indian rivalry in the Indian Ocean as well as the roles other regional nations will play in this growing confrontation. The article, by Robert Kaplan, is attached below as the second link. It is somewhat lengthy, but I recommend it to all readers. The article reports that India has expanded its navy to 155 warships and “expects to add three nuclear-powered submarines and three aircraft carriers to its arsenal by 2015.” It cites a candid statement by a Chinese naval analyst that “India is perhaps China’s most realistic strategic adversary.” Given China’s rapid expansion of its military, and China’s alliances with Russia, Iran and Pakistan, India absolutely needs to seek strong allies of its own. As the CFR article correctly notes, “India fears being encircled by China…” My previous blogs have reported on India’s growing alliance with the USA, the Israelis and the fact that India has had its navy conduct joint exercises with the navies of Thailand, Singapore, the USA, Japan and Australia. The CFR article also mentions these joint naval exercises and calls them “an implicit rebuke to China’s designs in the region.” India is also taking other steps to defend itself against China and its allies. The third link details India’s plans to develop its own “star wars” plan to knock out enemy satellites. China has already demonstrated its ability to kill satellites (a clear warning to the USA), so India intends to develop such an ability as well.

As I have noted in many blogs, all these modern geopolitical trends are fulfilling the 2,500+ year-old prophecy in Ezekiel 38 which accurately foretold the global alliances that would form just prior to the end of our age. These alliances will fight in a titanic, global World War III which will bring mankind to the point of imminent extinction were it not for the prophesied return of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:21-22) who will intervene in the fighting, end the war and rescue mankind from itself (Revelation 19:11-21).

The fact that modern global alliances are now forming into the precise arrangements predicted in Ezekiel 38 confirms both that (A) the Divine Being who inspired the Bible really is the Creator and that he really does rule over his creation, and (B) that we are now living in the latter days which will see this prophecy’s war come to pass. Asian nations see it coming and are militarily preparing for it, as some recent blogs have discussed. The USA is still living in a fools paradise, wearing out its troops in an non-strategic war in Afghanistan even as it prints mountains of “monopoly money” to monetize the gargantuan debts it can never repay. The USA’s leaders are also so compromised by the fact that China is America’s biggest creditor that it cannot face the obvious fact: that China is an enemy nation. China has maneuvered the USA most skillfully into a position of weakness from which the USA will have a very hard time extricating itself. Indeed, one wonders if the clueless leaders running Washington, DC even grasp their peril. Europe strikes me as being mostly oblivious to the ominous military realities that are taking shape in the world. Europe would rather pretend these threats aren’t real. I hope the West wakes up soon. At some point in a future year, reality will come crashing down on all nations. If you wish to read how the Bible foretells World War III will unfold, you are invited to read my article “What Ezekiel 38-39 Revels about a Future World War III,” available at the articles link at this website.