As long-time readers know, I like to follow the military developments within the respective global Gog-Magog and Western-led alliances foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 to come into existence in the latter days of our age. I like to keep readers of this blog informed about these developments. China is in the middle of an on-going, major militarization program, and this post focuses on the Chinese submarine build-up.

China is building fifteen new submarines which will, surprisingly, be equipped with German-based propulsion systems (first link). China is also buying four Russian subs so China’s military expansion is in a rapid phase. Its regional rival, India, on the other hand, will have a diminished submarine fleet for a time as it phases out several older submarines from active service. India realizes its precarious situation vis-à-vis submarine strengths with China and is building six new subs with French help, but those subs are behind schedule in being constructed. In recognition of the pressing need for new submarines in the Indian navy, India is preparing to obtain six new submarines from Japan (second link). This will expand the naval production capacity of the Japanese production base as well as help India replenish its own submarine fleet. Of course, India is not alone in confronting the Chinese navy. Naval units (including submarines) from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, the USA, Australia, etc. are increasingly allied to India in a growing anti-Chinese alliance.

The first link has considerable information on this story, although the second link offers only introductory comments from what is a subscription-only report. These weapons will all be used when the global World War III prophesied by Ezekiel 38-39 erupts in some future year, so I think it is important for us to stay aware of these developments.