February 12, 2009
Steve Collins
The February 11, 2009 issue of USA Today included an article that Chinese buyers have begun tours to buy up distressed properties in the USA. An organized tour of Chinese buyers will visit several American cities to buy up US properties at cheap prices to transfer them to Chinese owners. The link below notes that “although individual Chinese have been buying property in the USA for several years, this is the first organized group trip.” The article adds that the Chinese intend to buy US companies as well as distressed housing properties.
It is significant that the link points out that China is “still a country run by the Communist Party,” so you can be sure that the unseen hand of the Chinese Communist Party is guiding Chinese property buyers as they travel around the USA. This has severe ramifications for US security interests.
I’ve done several blogs about media stories documenting that Chinese (and Russian) spying efforts in the USA have reached Cold War levels. You can be sure that many Chinese buyers are looking for properties which will facilitate Chinese spying efforts. Houses will be bought in desired locations to serve as “safe houses” for Chinese spies, and some US companies will be bought because they do business with key US defense contractors, the US military or key federal agencies. If I were running China’s spy efforts, I would see the current US financial distress as a golden opportunity to buy up facilities to infiltrate regions and locations that would assist Chinese spying efforts. If I, a mere layman in America, realize this, you can be sure China’s spymasters see this opportunity as well. You can be sure Russia’s spymasters see it as well.
This buying up of distressed US properties and companies is already starting when the US dollar is unusually strong given the fundamental weaknesses of the US economy and financial system. When/if the US dollar drops precipitously, expect Chinese, Russians, oil-rich Arabs and many other foreigners to seize the opportunity to buy up large swaths of American properties at bargain-basement prices. The result could be that the USA will essentially be bought up by foreign owners (“investors”) who will become the overlords of America’s people, its factories, malls and businesses. If this happens, the USA as we have known it, could cease to exist. It could become a nation in name only. In this happens, Americans could become servants to foreign rulers and owners. Since China has immense US dollar reserves, China is especially well-positioned to buy up immense portions of the USA when the dollar falls precipitously.
If Americans had obeyed biblical economic laws, this could not have happened. Proverbs 22:7 warns that “borrowers” are always “servants” (or slaves) to their “lenders.” American governments, industries and citizens have ignored this biblical law for too many years. They are now positioned to pay the penalties for their economic sins. Ancient Israel also disobeyed God’s laws and became slaves to foreigners who ended up owning and controlling the lands of the Israelites. The USA may be headed for a similar fate. If you wish to learn more about what happened to the ancient Israelites in similar circumstances and what could happen in the modern USA, I invite you to read my article “What Kind of Captivity?” accessible at the Articles tab at this website’s homepage. If you read the article, you will see that what is happening in modern America is a repeat of what has already occurred various times in the past. Solomon observed in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that history repeats itself and “there is nothing new under the sun.” It appears that the traumas of the past are about to be repeated in modern America.